360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wet Mopping Function APP Control, LDS, Intelligent Navigation, 1800Pa Suction Power, HEPA Filter for Animal Hair, Carpets and Hard Floors White Complete Review

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360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wet Mopping Function APP Control, LDS, Intelligent Navigation, 1800Pa Suction Power, HEPA Filter for Animal Hair, Carpets and Hard Floors White Complete Review


Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Some of the features which had impressed me when doing my research was that this vacuum cleaner has very strong suction, great build quality, a nice minimalist design, control via app and finally both clean and mop (separately or same time) which i feel is a very important feature since it takes less time to clean and mop.
  • So to sum it up it is a very good, in fact excellent robotic vacuum cleaner, easy to setup and use, sturdy in built and excellent in vacuuming ( not mopping).
  • I bought the s7 model a week ago and it’s been the best 30k ever spent…it cleans and mops better than my maid and works like a charm.
  • You may be required to clean your house every 2 weeks without it to get the best result but it has been a blessing during pandemic when house help is not available.
  • This sure gives a good first impression setup and charging the first setup is convinient, the quick start guides really help you as a bunch of easy steps.
  • The app is great, the suction of the vacuum is too good – always amazed at how much dust this seems to find on my clean looking floors (tiles + wooden flooring, no carpets).
  • cleaning wise this is a perfect product during covid period, one need to just remove bog objects and schedule it jd forget it, it will clean like a pro.
  • As you can see in the attached picture that’s taken after my first 19min of use…i have also put the picture of the room with the dinning table and chairs…. the robot did a pretty efficient job of going around them… haven’t checked the vacuum power as it’s still running… but the main thing of the mapping algo so far it looks awesome!
  • We have given it a name – _______, though funny but definitely a very useful member in the home.
  • Pros: 3rd day of use, very happy with the product as far as the build quality, ease of setting up and using the vacuum and also does the job it’s been bought that is vaccuming in a very efficient way.
  • It provides you option to clean entire home or area wise and room wise.
  • I have been able to make phone calls while the robot was work in the same room, but i didn’t feel any disturbance after sales support is something i am hoping will be as good, but this is something to look for in the future and cannot comment right now.
  • The dust bag and the mop need to be cleaned frequently, but they are easy to clean.
  • Same is true for this if you want the machine to give its best performance for a longer time regular maintenance can be taken up after every 3-4 runs.
  • Overall, i would definitely recommend this robot vacuum clearer and infact i have had a few friends and relatives already place order the same.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Worst product, worst after sales !!!
  • Horrible quality, broke down in 15 days, service non-existent in bangalore
  • App’s usability for blind customers: while the app can be used, but is not fully accessible for blind customers who use screen reading softwares.
  • It is a low quality chinese junk that broke down within 15 days of purchase.
  • While cleaning if the battery is low it returns to the charger, get charged and comes back and starts where it left from small toys or things on the floor can cause it to get stuck and it cries out for help.
  • I am grateful that they went out of their way, but i also feel bad that they went so far out of their way.
  • I have to manually set off limit areas for each room everytime cleaning starts, otherwise the robot tries to get inside difficult teaching places and get stuck sometimes.
  • So i don’t want to be too harsh on it.
  • No more maids in the house and no more exposure to corona .
  • This is definitely the oneplus of robot vacuum cleaners, the “flagship killer” of the more higher priced robotic vacuum cleaners, delivering higher specs at a lower price.
  • The lidar and slam algorithms would have been in the area of military technology 20 years back… and here we are with a small gadget.
  • Mopping is nothing great, would rate it only 2 on 5 as far as mopping is concerned.
  • However, it moping can’t clean dry and sticky spots.

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