AURION 20 kg Vinyl Plates for Home Gym Complete Review

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AURION 20 kg Vinyl Plates for Home Gym Complete Review

Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Its good but not too much good 1 plate is 5kg150gm 2plate is 5kg120gm 3rd plate is 5kg400gm 4th is 5kg600gm what is this alwes same wight is good for workout but it is not good bcoz difrrent difrrent wight dificult to workout dificlut ku balance
  • For purposes like me, this is perfectly ok. will update after one month.
  • Best product at best price
  • Really i was confused of seeing both positive and negative review but actually product is worth of tat money but never ever expect the plates to use in rough and tough only for smooth usage is better because tat is just like sand and cement in plastic water bottels
  • This product is very good more than what i think you can buy this product without thinking a moment quality of the product is very good and it can be used in home or gym
  • Quality is good and product is durable if use with care.
  • First i waited for 2 weeks to get this and was pretty excited as i got it.
  • The size is huge, better to go for metallic weights so that size is smaller.
  • At this price range, this is the best.
  • Beautiful, durable, quality of material
  • Actually sometime huge plates feels like i am lifting too much.
  • Well, i get it, this is what you get for this price, bit this is definitely not what i expected.
  • Iron weights are super expensive and i dont want expensive items for temperory usage.
  • So if you want a permanent home gym setup and you use it daily, then iron weights are more durable and its better.
  • Plastic coated, free sand inside.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Very bad product quality and wastage of money.
  • The quality of weights were really bad.
  • Not same wight difrrent sizes sooo bad
  • Poor quality. wanted to return but wasn’t supported
  • Product is not that durable, can get damage easily if not handled with care.
  • Very poor quality, stay away from this.
  • Maybe not the best option.

Product Description

Aurion 20 Kg house fitness center set and accessories is a sturdy physical fitness solid devices, Pvc plates ideal for dumbbels and chest press biceps; 5 Kg X 4 Plates.

Key Features

  • Solid Pvc Plates
  • Perfect For Dumbbels And Chest Press
  • Biceps

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