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Aurion Filled Heavy Punch Bag 4 FEET Boxing MMA Sparring Punching Training Kickboxing Muay Thai with Hanging Chain Complete Review

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Aurion Filled Heavy Punch Bag 4 FEET Boxing MMA Sparring Punching Training Kickboxing Muay Thai with Hanging Chain Complete Review

For beginners
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • It’s very good for beginners big thums up from me if u r thinking to buy any boxing bag then go for it really a good product budget king and gloves are also good
  • It’s very good quality product, very perfect for beginners as well, buy it without any doubts, no regrets buying it.
  • Looks diff from the image but the quality is good and size is also satisfying.
  • Best way to increase physical work stamina.
  • Worthy, best for all class, durable, tough
  • Good, for beginners and it’s good as per payment
  • Amazing value for money / more than one would expect.
  • It’s best for beginners who want to start practicing of kickboxing,its not hard enough for intermediate n advance level.i think quality of cover looking good,i will review about its durability after it will tear out.beginners go for it.
  • A nice gift for beginners
  • Overall since it came filled, with chain and boxing hand wraps, it is a absolute value for money.
  • I like it and it’s good too, however just as a precaution i’ve put tape on the stitching also it seems a bit overfilled.
  • Otherwise product is absolutely strong… don’t be too harsh with her.. she can also teach u good lessons..
  • 100 % satisfaction for sure.
  • Its filled with used bits of cloth.. have been using it for around 15 days now.. and i love it
  • Looks great at first glance.

Top Negative Reviews

  • I dislike the producat because it not an good action they just put old cloths and tied up the bag due to busy sehedule does not find to replace it over all the product no good at all
  • No tears, no cuts, no breaking of chain on top.
  • Not very sturdy though, the filling tend to move around, and as u keep punching, the bag will lose its shape and the filling will shift leaving a weak saggy spot.
  • I bought the punching bag on 12th march and my son used it for hardly 15 days, it has only a 10 day return policy, the bag is torn at the centre, the quality is very poor, i will not recommend the product, don’t waste your money

Product Description

Key Features

  • High Quality Pu Used
  • 48″Punching Bag (4 Feet ) With Boxing Hand Wrap 108 Inches
  • Good Quality Material Filled Punching Bag Along With Chain
  • Avoids To Had Rashes On Your Hands While Punching The Bags.
  • Available In Assorted Colors Red, Blue, Black No Color Choice

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