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Axmon Extension Cord with 2 USB Charging Ports and 6 Socket – 10 Amp Heavy Duty Multiplug Extension Board for Multiple Devices Smartphone Tablet Laptop Computer Dark Grey Complete Review

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485 Reviews
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Axmon Extension Cord with 2 USB Charging Ports and 6 Socket – 10 Amp Heavy Duty Multiplug Extension Board for Multiple Devices Smartphone Tablet Laptop Computer Dark Grey Complete Review

Cord length

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Superb quality,only draw back is wire length,it will be soo good if half or metre wire is added more to actual size,this current size is also very sufficient,and if individual switches for every socket is provided it is superb, because once we switch off the switch every other connections also will get switch off, everything is so cool and the product is hard material standard,very good product..
  • I havr never given reviews of any of the product….but this one i think it really deserve this what a beautiful concept…nice innovation i would say…….i would say smart innovation instead…good luck bros…
  • The product looks sturdy and of a good quality and if the above issues are taken care of then i guess it will be a great buy, however until then i would classify it as meets expectations.
  • I must have product from amxon,, just very useful power extension and plus point it has 2 usb port, i’m very much impressed because of this,, usb gives about 1.5 a power output, which is efficient, cord also enough long and very sturdy.
  • Cute and super cool product.
  • This extension board works fine, it has 4 different plugs and given 2 plugs for mobile charging… design is innovative so we don’t have to worry about messy wires…. love this new design board….
  • It’s cute and super flexible.
  • Fantastic ! very useful for multiple plug points without clutter !
  • Best buy product who likes only quality particularly in electrical.
  • Easy to use with tv, smart tv adapters, usb chargers, dvd player, play station all at once with multidirectional slots.
  • Great product with good build quality.
  • I found this perfect extension board, design and look are comfortable.
  • Great value of money product….
  • Seems sturdy cord could be a bit long look wise also its very nice
  • Excellent quality and value for money

Top Negative Reviews

  • Waste of money not good fit for 3 pin chargers
  • Not good fit for standard 3 pin chargers, when you tries to in/out pin in sockets, plastic body of board comes out waste of money inshort
  • It does not get heated, therefore there is no fear of damage of the plastic material which is quite good.
  • No earthing, will damage your appliance.
  • And the worse thing is seller is charged extra for postal and packaging.
  • The product quality is pathetic.
  • Very dangerous to use ….sparks with sound came within 5 minutes of usage.
  • The flat long ones are a pain and can’t use all of the pins in such cases.
  • Not a great looking product

Product Description

Key Features

  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Axmon extension cord with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports which power & charge everything on your desk from a single compact extension.
  • FAST AND SMART CHARGING : The USB ports (5V/2A each) will detect your devices automatically and quick charge speed up to 2 Amp.
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION: All charging ports of the electric strip comes with high-current, over-load and short-circuit protection for 100% safe charging.
  • SWITCH CONTROL : Manually control socket and USB outputs of the extension board, which is no need to plug and unplug the extension board anymore.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN?Axmon extension cord is in small size and 2 meter long cord, it is a perfect power supply for travel, home, library,office and business use.

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