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Belkin Essential Series 3-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket with 5ft Heavy Duty Cable Grey Complete Review

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Belkin Essential Series 3-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket with 5ft Heavy Duty Cable Grey Complete Review

Cord length
Easy to use
Quality of material
WiFi signal

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Best value for money, superb quality
  • Except for that, this is near perfect, and the best value for money surge protector i have used till date.
  • The brand is as usual the best, with excellent performing abilities.
  • Snug fit sockets: all standard size 3-pin plugs and 2-pin plugs fit perfectly.
  • Moreover, this time i wanted to affix the extension cord underneath my table such that the plugs would be fixed upside down into the extension cord, hence it needed to be perfect fit for plugs or else the plugs could just fall off, i am glad to say that they are, not only for regular 3 pin plugs, but also for 2 pin plugs the plugs fit perfectly in the sockets without any free play at all.
  • Pricey, but good quality & trusted brand
  • This makes things much easier, enabling me to use multiple chargers like phone, laptop, camera, music system etc at the same time and it is perfect.
  • So long as you use it within permissible load limits it performs flawlessly and thanks to belkin my expensive electronics are running safely.
  • Great build quality and safety at reasonable rate
  • Bonus : it comes with free of charge insurance for your plugged in devices.
  • It works well and has surge protection which is honestly recommend when connecting any electrical equipment for that matter.
  • A grey coloured neat look makes it look very classy!
  • More importantly, the fit is worth a mention.
  • Trusted product from trusted brand
  • It is robust and the cord quality is excellent.

Top Negative Reviews

  • The power button disappointed a bit as it is loose and weak.
  • I have purchased a number of extension cords in the past, both with and without surge protection, but my most common complain with most of them is the quality of the sockets, majority of the products have sockets that are not a perfect fit for most common appliances and hence there is a lot of play in the plugs which can lead to sparks etc.
  • Though i have no complaints with the product’s working, but had i not read a review of some other customer mentioning such a low price , i would not have waited for the price to go this low, and would have purchased at a higher price of around 1200/piece.
  • One user wrote about the failure of this board which damaged his expensive music system.
  • How the hell does this extension board has this high rating.
  • I have tried anchor and other local spike busters but all have failed after some time, except for belkin.
  • However, some buyers have reported price as low as rs 699 and it is an absolute steal if you can snag it at that price, though such deep discounts are relatively rare.
  • Fact that you are considering this willing to shell out 1200rs for a wiring socket product it is likely that you are disappointed with the quality available with the lower priced product options from other brands.
  • There are cheaper spike strips in the market, but it is a fact that we receive very dirty power in india, with massive voltage fluctuations through the day.
  • The surge protection works well, this i can say because on other protectors whenever i turned on or off certain lights in my house my keyboard and mouse would turn off and on but no such problems with this.
  • No doubt pricewise looks little costly as you dont find any high technology componets in it.
  • So don’t be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to expensive electronic equipment.
  • Bluray , dvd plug only thing that is troubling is the on/off red light led switch.
  • This extension board has a built in spike protector and belkin claims to compensate the user upto some amount should this device fail to do its part.
  • When it comes to expensive electronics, you should be relying on some cheap-ass spike-guard that will fail you with some massive power surge.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Maximum Spike Current: 6500 Amps
  • Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 3 sockets
  • Delivers power through a 1.5-metre, heavyduty cables
  • Universal Socket
  • Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 4 sockets
  • Response Time-< 1 Nano second
  • 1.5 Mtr chord

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