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Blackt Electrotech 360 Degree PIR Motion Sensor with Light Sensor, Energy Saving Motion Detector Switch with 18 Months Ceiling Mounted 2 pic pack Complete Review

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312 Reviews
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Blackt Electrotech 360 Degree PIR Motion Sensor with Light Sensor, Energy Saving Motion Detector Switch with 18 Months Ceiling Mounted 2 pic pack Complete Review

Easy to install
Motion detection
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Beautiful clubbing of p i r sensor and infrared sensor to give a perfect output.. lux adjustments and time adjustments work perfectly well however, caution to be taken to adjust after powering off the sensor which otherwise may damage the circuitary.
  • This product is very good & working fine…. very helpful for oldage person no need to find light switches in night need to install nearby washroom (who having oldage person at home) thanks a lots best regards jeetu
  • Very happy with the purchase, its been 6 months and it is working perfectly as compared to other products expensive than this one.
  • Good product tested it absolute value for money pretty basic to install if u know little about electricals using a 4 sensor setup on my duplex staircase with rgb strip will update pictures once finishing phase is complete , one suggestion i had to use masking tape to limit detection .
  • On and on good motion detector, very easy to install and gives value for money.
  • But in general it works as expected, and is great value to money.
  • I have installed in one of our toilet – one on light and another on exhaust fan with different time settings and it works perfectly well.
  • I am fully satisfied with the product quality, motion sensor and light sensor integration of the product is effective.
  • Good products easy to connection with lamp and supply.
  • Nice quality, easy to connection
  • Thanks for the new age engineers to make life easier in india.
  • Sensitivity is good, can be easily setup.
  • Working from 6 months perfectly
  • Does the work properly..go for it..response time is realy very quick and from 10 feet away..also working perfectly
  • It does its work perfectly as an after dark motion sensor.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Worst & useless product, sensing only upto 1.00 1.50 meter only, that too will reduce in few days, really too worst product
  • Not a very good product but very good service
  • Very bad service. i used the product for few months …
  • Have to struggle to set on clip as there is no space on side for wire.

Product Description

Key Features

  • (2 New Pic pack) Good solution for energy saving & easy in installation. & Delay adjustment: 10 Seconds – 7 Minutes & Adjustable Lux: turn on the lights during the day or night
  • Using the automatic control product of infrared technology,when people walk into the sensor range,and the sensor can detect the spectral change of the human body infrared ray,during this time,the switch will connect the load automatically until the person leaves the sensor range. 2, Through the photosensitive control , it will not turn on the lights in the daytime or light environment, but also can be adjusted in any lighting environment sensing lights
  • Sensitivity Adjustable: Turn On Lights during Day or nights
  • It can use with lamps, incandescent lamps (bulbs), old-fashioned fluorescent lamps, electronic fluorescent ring lamps, spotlights, transformers, small electrical appliances, and other all other appliance

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