Blackt Electrotech 230V 24×7 Energy Saving Socket Type Digital Programmable Plastic Electronic Timer White Complete Review

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Blackt Electrotech 230V 24×7 Energy Saving Socket Type Digital Programmable Plastic Electronic Timer White Complete Review

Easy to install
Easy to use
Timer function

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • As well, the amount of customisations this device offers (hour, minute, day specifics) with a rigid good quality build along with an efficient inbuilt battery supporting memory mechanism, makes this one of my best pics from the online world.
  • I set up as 18.60 to on the light & 06.30 off it works great, even if the power cut before the schedule it will automatically turn on when power comes, great product definitely recommended.
  • Simple guide provided with example.. easy to understand, and looks very promising and build quality is good, using it for my aquarium lighting needs, hopefully it lasts long.
  • Yes, as some others have mentioned, it is a bit tedious to understand the functioning in the beginning, but once you learn how to set it up, it is easy to use and very helpful.
  • Excellent product for the great pricing !!
  • Very much beneficial for regularly charging devices like phones, smartwatches, headphones,etc which need to be charged overnight so they can be ready for use in the morning, without fail.
  • Awesome product using from last 6 months no issue at all, very easy to set up and the function’s are damn easy.
  • Great product. value for money
  • The manual is clear and the setup is hassle free.
  • I am happy to say that irrespective of the rattling noise, the piece works well.
  • Good product but i think nowadays there are many better products there.
  • I would definitely like to try some more products from blackt electrotech in the future!
  • As per my previous experience their clock is pretty stable.
  • I love this product as it is not dependent on wifi/3g or my mobile.
  • Awesome product in an affordable price.

Top Negative Reviews

  • After power loss, it will resume for the next time block set though the current time block set will be lost on power loss.
  • I was waiting for other items to use with this timer, but unfortunately when i finally did it was dead.
  • This is the second time i have found it dead or defective.
  • It has a built-in battery, so no need to worry about power cuts.
  • All of the worked at first but slowly over time, they stopped working and all have the same problem.
  • It has rechargeable battery, so no problem if power goes.
  • Hi i am using this product just one year my purchase dated was 25-12-2017 but last 3-months i am facing the problems of relay was not changed automatically every time i was changed manually see on-auto-off once you put it on it’s every time directly supply the power no time settings but still i was go to off option and again come back to on then it’s working when you off the switch and after again on the switch it’s not directly supply the power in on option i go to off option and come back to on then it’s working please solve the my problems i requesting you sir… thanking you
  • This is a useful product but need to struggle to operate as the instructions given in the manual is not very clear.
  • I don’t want to mention negative feedback here.
  • I thought maybe it was a bad piece.
  • It worked well till 6 months no issues at all.but from the 7th months it started creating problems.what it does is when you set a program,it remembers it till nearly4-5 days after that it forgets the program and stays on all the time.i had put the same program 5-6 time but after every 4-5 days it forgets it and then again i have to set the eventually i am not using it anymore..i dont know if the problem is only with me but i am unhappy with it and recommend it not to buy
  • But after 1 to 1.5 years 3 have inexplicably stopped switching lights.
  • Inbuilt battery keeps time in case of power failure.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Get Original Product >> Fulfill By Blackt Electrotech
  • Imp Note: Plz Check Before Buying >> Reviewed /Fulfilled & Original Sold By ‘Blackt Electrotech’ Only. Other Seller Purchase Will Not Covered Under A Warranty. Original Product Listed & Sold By Blackt Electrotech’S Only. Other Seller Purchase Will Not Covered Under Warrentry Blackt Electrotech.
  • 16 Programme On/Off With Memory / Faster Delivery./ Load Capacity : 1000 Watt (I.E Any General Appliance)/ As Per Indian Standard Plug Socket
  • Current Consumption Without Load : 0.015Ma
  • Power Type : Ac 220-240 V 50/60 Hz (Indian Standard Power Supply)

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