boAt BassHeads 152 Wired Earphones with Super Extra Bass, Durable Cable, Built-in Mic, Metallic EarbudsActive Black Complete Review

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boAt BassHeads 152 Wired Earphones with Super Extra Bass, Durable Cable, Built-in Mic, Metallic EarbudsActive Black Complete Review

Bass quality
Light weight
Noise cancellation
Sound quality

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • So as my best following rating want gives ratings out of 5 boat bassheads 225 sound quality = 4 noise cancellation =4 bass quality =4 ear grip =5 tangle free = no build quality =3 (pvc) colors available= black/blue boat bassheads 152 sound quality =5 noise cancellation= 4 bass quality =5 ear grip = 3 tangle free =yes build quality = 5 (metallic) colors available=red/blue/green/white/orange/black
  • It’s comfortable in ear, nice look of earphones, nice quality , fine bass, one major issue is it’s not completely braided cable it’s just upto the microphone and remaining part is of asusual ,please make the earphones bulid quality upto satisfaction level to buyers ….
  • Just for inr 500 boat is giving a breaded cable & best sound with good bass & vocals both.
  • The clarity of the boat bassheads 152 are above par and easily betters even ear phones in the 2000 inr price category this is one other reason why i love this pair so much.
  • Excellent value, good sound quality
  • Tested with only instrumentals like kenny boney james – sounded great as if played from an amplifier with subs.
  • Indians are generally bass lovers so they would love the product.
  • I got it for 449 in lightening deals and i am super happy with my decision.. edited post one day of usage : i have compared it with akg headset which comes with galaxy s10+ and my feedback is still same.
  • Best earphone under 1000 for both build quality & sound. save you money & for 500 rs go for it.
  • I don’t know about you but attention to small details like this always brings smiles to my face.
  • Pros: 1) no metal build 2) excellent wire quality and trendy 3) durable 4) above average sound quality cons: 1) metal build in the earphones trend to make them heavy and thus falls out of your ear easily 2) supplied fins are uncomfortable to wear over a prolonged time 3) supplied clip piece is removable and tends to get lost easily i hope everyone who read this found it useful and can make an educated decision to buy or not to buy the bassheads 220.
  • This is truly one of the best features of this pair of earphones.
  • Voice quality is good while listening music, like crystal clear and crisp.
  • ___________ verdict – overall a very good package.
  • I found myself opting for the black variant both the times this may be a personal opinion but i find it to be the best of the three.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Not really happy with the wire quality..half wire is braided cable which is tangle free..however the remaing 2 wires which starts from mic to ear plugs are very bad quality… one side of my ear plug already stopped working and wen i took the closer look to the wire attached to the mic it seems it comin apart from mic where it is attached .. the whole wire should be braided tangle free cable and not just the lower part.. the upper part wire is very delicate and will come off soon coz of poor wire quality and the way it is attached to mic to avoid any damage while using the earphones.
  • They are advertising the headphone as “braided” but the wire part that connects the earphone speakers are made of very weak meterial, and i wouldn’t trust thrm at all.
  • This is by far the worst product from boat the area outside the button just came of within 20 days and soldering of wire too came off and earphones are ruined now.
  • Not happy with the service and the product one side of earphone is not working look like i got a defective product returning this
  • The highs are ok but lows aren’t clear and the bass is not as strong as it’s elder sibling bassheads 225.
  • Very poor build quality, cheaply made with weak meterials.
  • The find unlike the ones find in let’s say the newer bose ear phones aren’t as comfortable and can hurt your ears if used over a prolonged time.
  • Why do they sell worst products.
  • It is very durable, specially the plug part that connects to your phone, many a time my ear phones stop working because the plug part malfunctions and causes problems in the functioning of the ear phones.
  • Totally disappointed would never suggest friends to get don’t buy waste of money
  • Pros: it is absolutely a steal at this price.
  • Noise cancellation is not so impressive.
  • It have only one navigation button which can be used only as play/pause button which is quite disappointed.
  • This earphone is not for who love music,movies etc.
  • Will update u all if i face any problem!!

Product Description

Serenade the scene with the boAt BassHeads 152, the bass oasis to your nirvana. Geared up with 10mm drivers, experience audio nirvana that takes you to locations! Get ready to turn the place over with that incredibly additional bass. With a smooth lively design offered in fashionable colour variations, enter the fashion video game. The ideal on hand earphones to have, always stay a step ahead. Take calls utilizing the integrated microphone and tune out freely with the tangle totally free braided cable. It's been produced your comfort. Resilient to the max, get ready to rock the rhythm with heavy bass tunes, since the personal party just started. Just plug in with the 3.5 mm angled jack. The sound you've been looking for has been found.

Key Features

  • 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, you can claim your warranty at For product related queries please reach out to us at +912249461882 or
  • Tune into Premium Audio with 10mm Drivers and enhance the vibes with BassHeads 152.
  • Vibe in your rhythm all day with its Super Extra Bass and immerse into a pumped up time.
  • Plug into convenience with the 3.5mm angled jack to begin your journey towards auditory bliss.
  • Communicate hands-free in a seamless way with the built-in mic that has high sensitivity and a versatile frequency range to provide the ultimate experience
  • Its durable dual tone braided cable adds to the nirvana with its soft feel and tangle resilient features, because wasting time is simply not an option when you’re a boAthead
  • BassHeads 152 has been built with an ergonomic design and it comes with metal finish earbuds

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