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BOBO Jaw-Grip Aluminium Waterproof Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter Mobile Phone Holder Mount, Ideal for Maps and GPS Navigation Red Complete Review

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1278 Reviews
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BOBO Jaw-Grip Aluminium Waterproof Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter Mobile Phone Holder Mount, Ideal for Maps and GPS Navigation Red Complete Review

Easy to install
Easy to use
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Quality as very well compared any others,,,, locking mobile type bolt awesome.. charging on /off switch like a mesmerizing…. easy to install,, don’t worry about to bike battery ,, because this is best connection (residence have) to battery …. one of the best mobile holder…. all credits gone on bobo s
  • Anyway the experience with the prodect is very satisfied in this 2 monthe it is most helpful prodect for riders i recommend it to my co riders ….its a good prodect our phone is very safe and the fast charger is very helpful while using google map
  • Thanks for such a great and useful product !!!!!!!
  • Overall it’s a good product and the best part i liked was the personalised note from team bobo.
  • Which can be afforded if thought in the right way, buying 2 mobile mounts with a year or 6 months is better than giving that price with bobo and securing ur time, money and rides that’s all for now thanks
  • It’s super sturdy and survived one day of riding in bangalore traffic without any problems.
  • After using this product for 1 month in the rain i am reviewing this mobile mount, excellent product, material, finish charges my 4000mah mobile from 10% -100 with an one hour on the go while using gps and music in my helmet bluetooth this is not one of the best but the only best charger come mobile mount with this high standard and quality, i use this every day for 10 hrs the mount holds the phone like feviquick till u don’t unscrew the nob the mobile will not come out as i am using it i strongly believe even in a crash worst case the holder might break but it will not hold its pray from the jaw, nicely name d jaw grip mobile holder.
  • Diy installation, super sturdy product, little costly but best in class and gets the job done for my galaxy note 9 on fz25 bike.
  • As a phone holder, this is a truly awesome addition …. especially to my harley !!
  • It is so good that someone might steal it from your vehicle…. so be careful xd
  • Easy to install and use, smart looks and feels like a quality product.
  • My first buying experience with you guys, but must say i am pleasantly surprised!!
  • But still the quality of it is so good that it wont break immediately its a long run product, you can trust on it.
  • Thanks again for the awesome product and the personalized service..
  • I got the prodect in 5 oct 2018 ande it is wrk perfectly on 2 month on yesterday i tried to charge my phone its not wrking the fues is in perfect condition.. after issuing a problem they take it seriously and condact me for solving the problem…..

Top Negative Reviews

  • So worst case if the plastic knob breaks, the holder will still dangle on.
  • — attractive before taking this product i have purchased two mobile holdo mounts but the build quality was very bad.
  • Only thing i am worried is that the holder which connects with the metal buckle(handlebar) is made of plastic, so if it breaks, the whole unit will get waste.
  • There is no complaints as of now.
  • No matter how bad the jerks, phone is safe 3.
  • The seller says it’s not that important but i’ll disagree on that.
  • Doesn’t even vibrate at potholes and bad roads.

Product Description

BOBO jaw-grip security - secure yet compact bike mount. Jaw-grip expands to fit a wide variety of phones from 4.

Key Features

  • BOBO jaw-grip security – compact yet secure bike mount. Jaw-grip expands to fit a wide range of phones from 4. 0 – 6. 5 Inch screen, while keeping all of your buttons and ports accessible
  • Always secured – the clean & clever jaw-grip design sports great holding power without hiding your phone behind pads and silicon bands. The jaws expand and contract by rotating a knob on the side.
  • Easy to install do-it-yourself – we provide all required tools & spare parts to help you install the mount on your own, without any external help. Checkout product images for the installation guide.
  • 1 year replacement warranty, against manufacturing defects only

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