Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine for Wall, Metal, Wood Drilling with 13 HSS bits for Drilling in Wood, Metal, Plastic DRILL WITH 13HSS Complete Review

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Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine for Wall, Metal, Wood Drilling with 13 HSS bits for Drilling in Wood, Metal, Plastic DRILL WITH 13HSS Complete Review

Easy to use
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • The drill machine is very good but its drill bits which they give to me with its its not good you obviously replace the drill bits obviously you can buy a neural bits the drill bits which they give to me with its package the drill bits is not powerful the drill bits is working in wood not working or steal or wall you definitely must be bye drill bits for wall drilling
  • Got it at 999 /- , machine works like charm and feels heavy in hand but chuck, key , drill bits is of average quality.
  • Drill machine is very good but the drill bits not good
  • Effective and does drilling job nicely as per expectation.
  • It’s good but the drill bits with it are not of good quality , it was unable to drill a hole in wall.
  • I used this to drill tank and it works effectively and durability is good.
  • The machine is good when attached to good quality bits.
  • Drill machine is good but drill bits are not are to buy separately good drill bits.
  • The drill is powerful, drilled through my wall with ease, though i did order bosch drill bits, ones supplied are not so sturdy, but they do work fine i suppose, didnt want to risk it.
  • Value for money and good for home use
  • I put pressure, changed bits but then i feel that wall need more strong drill machine.
  • I would suggest to manufacturer -your machine is very good quality hence along with machine pl provide only 2 to 3 drill bits of good quality instead of 13 which has no use.
  • Very nice on drill machine, but given drill bits are not functioned properly when try to drill on iron plate, it does not work, other wise machine is good except drill machines, please suggest me what type of drill bits are used for concrete walls and hard iron plates etc.,
  • Please don’t go with the price.. false promises this seller make.
  • It very compact and handy and have a beautiful look.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Very very disappointed, the packaging was ruind and the machine wasn’t of the company mentioned , and the bits , 5 were missing and the remaining were not able to drill through the wall , and when the machines worked it started to smell like burning wire , overall very disappointed , waste of 1050 rupees , don’t buy
  • Very weak and worst product.
  • Machine is very good but t drill bits of no use & very poor quality.
  • I earlier used bosch with high price and less rpm but the result was not great
  • Not so good in wall its good in only wood so remember this thing why you purchase.
  • Worst packaging and average product
  • Worst product and duplicate product
  • Machine is good but bits are pathetic.
  • The machine itself is weak and heats up due to low power inside rhe drill
  • But drill bits are pathetic.
  • Packing was not good & doesn’t seems like new once
  • Drill bit with this is very poor quality.

Product Description

10mm Drill Maker for with 13 HSS Bits by Cheston Drill Machine includes sophisticated 300W effective motor in addition to 13 HSS bits for drilling, repairing, hammering, and electrical energy jobs & lorry hardware upgrades. Features a wide variety of drill heads to get the work done without any fuss. A perfect tool package for drilling into a range of products such as wood, metal, plastic and masonry.

Key Features

  • 6 months warranty over manufacturing defects from date of purchase || C Care : 011-61300059
  • Ideal for drilling into a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and masonry || Drill bits supplied in this combo are not for wall drilling
  • 13 pcs HSS bits included in the combo for wood, plastic, metal drilling
  • Chuck capacity : 10 mm || Speed : 2800 rpm || Wattage: 300 Watts
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of handling and e efficient cooling system 10mm chuck ideal for all types of domestic tasks Can be used for drilling on any kind of surface like concrete, wood and metal.It has a power lock button which assist in continuous drilling task.

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