Crompton Rapid Jet AIWH-3LRPIDJT3KW5Y 3LTR 3KW Instant Water Heater White and Grey Complete Review

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Crompton Rapid Jet AIWH-3LRPIDJT3KW5Y 3LTR 3KW Instant Water Heater White and Grey Complete Review

Easy to install
Energy efficiency
Temperature control
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Best of luck for self installation.
  • You have to find perfect balance to bath in warmth water thru shower.
  • Great value of product asper the size, i am using it for washing clothes in winter season
  • Good product and warmth but not include inlet and outlet pipes connection wire not contain 3 pin plug, i have to buy it separately
  • Good product warranty and easy to install.
  • Good quality heater .they should also provide free installation.installtion charge we have to pay its near about 500.
  • Good value for money and heats up so quickly.
  • Instant water, almost then and there, perfect for kitchen use!!
  • But the outer body of gyesar is awesome.
  • Super heater in bathing for one person
  • Since its just 3l, installation was perfect and i attached a photo here.
  • One good thing is its rapid water heater hence, after heating fully once, you can leave tap open and even the running water comes out warm.
  • Not ideal for shower ofcourse because of small capacity but boy it works good for washbasin and sink use!!
  • Along with the product they should have atleast given a plug top along with the heater also the wire seems to be short should work on these points as this is not expected from the brand like crompton.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Brand new product had thermostat failure, cut out non operating, totally bad product, waste of time and money.
  • Very very pathetic company service and an even more pathetic product!
  • Near 1100 rupees it costed to install which includes 700 rupee plugging equipment, hell instant gyeser it is, takes 10-12 odd minutes before it starts delivering, if needed a toy which spree hot water, go get this, no serious business can be carried with this.
  • Extremely pathetic product further extremely pathetic company service
  • Very bad product, and less expected from this brand, poor heating
  • Damage product get or some problems within it.
  • I am not satisfy with the geyser and not the technician if you dont love your life or your family member life than you can buy crompton geyser.
  • It doesn’t heat water fast… have to release a very slow flow of water which wastes lot of time and by the time the water gets collected in the bucket the other water already collected gets cold… complained to the company …they sent an irresponsible technician who hasn’t turned up after the first visit after persistently calling him everyday for the past entire week…
  • Worst product dont buy short circuit within three months
  • If you are paying plumber transportation charge + materials +labour then it costs you some extra amount.also if its a defective piece no one is going to refund installation charge.
  • No template with the package and it is very difficult for fitting.
  • No template, not comfortable power cable routing.
  • Pathetic product & service from crompton greaves
  • Crompton is cheating now a days.
  • Totally disappointed with this purchase.

Product Description

Water heaters have become inseparable home appliances from our restrooms. Nowadays, it is nearly associated to our bathing. Instant water heater are tank less hot water heater-- likewise called instantaneous, continuous circulation, inline, flash, on-demand, that instantly heat water as it flows through the gadget, and do not retain any water internally other than for what is in the heat exchanger coil. Crompton effectively recognizes the requirement of instant warm water for every consumer and for this reason they have developed an incredible assortment of instantaneous hot water heater that are energy effective, in compact styles that save area and can fit into in every bathroom and decoration.

Key Features

  • Highgrade ss tank to protect from corrosion, isi marked for added safety, 6.5 bar pressure, rust-proof body
  • Advanced 4 level safety
  • Powerful heating element
  • Weldless tank for corrosion free long life
  • Instant : Useful for Kitchen, quick water heating
  • Country of Origin: China

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