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Cyntexia Computer Desktop Pc Basic Intel Core i5-2400/4GB DDR3 RAM/120GB SSD/500GB HDD/Operating System & Basic Software Installed/Plug and Start Complete Review

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114 Reviews
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Cyntexia Computer Desktop Pc Basic Intel Core i5-2400/4GB DDR3 RAM/120GB SSD/500GB HDD/Operating System & Basic Software Installed/Plug and Start Complete Review

For gaming
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • This product is working fine but the problem is that they was not sent the power cord of pc so i have to purchase it separately so yeah that’s the problem and the product is very nice and very good looking and in the front of pc there a very beautiful red light with fan overall nice product and the packing was so good so tight.
  • Pc is very good and working very well,every application working very smoothly,ssd option is very good ,it’s boots like lighting speed,evry item is new and authentic.u can play pubg mobile also.seller is very good person and giuded to take correct system.overall don’t think to buy a this system,just go for it.tnx to cyntexia..
  • Customer care number is great and response was quick, my cpu is working fine only after uninstalling safeguard software.
  • Will recommend , good stable construction , stable os, suitable for daily use and easy on the pocket
  • Awesome with amazing customer support
  • Happy to buy this desktop with amazing customer support.
  • High performance, quality all products are brand new and contains warranty packing is too good due to ssd it’s system boot ups in just 10sec there is no problem with the pc only one cooling fan in cabinet but in for we have 120 provision and on side also so it’s seem better don’t think for choosing this product it’s very efficient at this cost and the main thing is customer service the helpline give u all info and clear it doubts on the product
  • Completely satisfied with the product , recieved in perfect condition and eveything was there as specified on website and also satisfied with warranty provided
  • Its working very fine , value for money, never seen this type of seller this great experience
  • Best pc in this prize exlent work.
  • Bootup in 10 seconds 2. built super and every part is in order and branded 3.ssd is super fast technology and hdd of seagate 4.
  • Although i have not tried games on this, but configuration can support a good performance for them.
  • Great initiative value for money
  • 2nd hand product in 1st hand tag
  • Best at this price range and worth it.

Top Negative Reviews

  • The product is good but damaged in transit the seller is awonderful person always ready to help.but unfortunately i had to return the product due to transit damage.
  • Very bad condition product from back side damaged packing third class do not buy this item many times complaints but no response
  • The cabinet is of very poor quality and the ear phone jack on the front and back were faulty.
  • No problems, so far..into my third month now
  • Overall i found cyntexia a very professional pc builder and there is no loopholes in their built which makes a consumer dissatisfied.
  • I run a sql server express, visual studio with a lot of gimp and audacity sessions in between, and there is just no lag.
  • Product is good but it was damage in transit

Product Description

Intel Core i5 2400 (2nd Generation) Is Quad-Core (4 Cores And 4 Threads) 3.1 GHz (UpTo 3.4 GHz) with 6MB Smart Cache Memory. Processor Can Be Utilized For Multi Tasking and Daily office and Home Activities

Key Features

  • Intel Core i5 – 2400 (3.1 Ghz) (4 Cores, 6MB SmartCache) With Zebronics H61 Socket 1156 Intel Chipset MotherBoard (2nd Generation)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM (1 x 4) With 120GB SSD + 500GB HardDisk.
  • Assembled in Zebronics Fire Cabinet With Zebronics 460watt Value SMPS.
  • Operating System (Win10) and Basic Software (Drivers, MS office, Google Chrome, VLC Player and More) are installed. Just Plug and Start (Only Trial Version Software, Not Licensed ) (Power Cord NOT Included Due to Tight Packing of Product)
  • Cyntexia Helpline No..: 6354-627-626 (Mon – Sat 10:00am – 06:00pm)

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