Dinshi Fusion Full HD Projector 3500 Lumen LCD Home Theater 1080p 3D Play Complete Review

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Dinshi Fusion Full HD Projector 3500 Lumen LCD Home Theater 1080p 3D Play Complete Review

Picture quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • With 80 inch picture quality is good , but to my surprise with 120 inch+ also picture quality was equally good.
  • If source data is good then view experiences are good.
  • Good projector with good amount of lumens in dark room.
  • Good clarity and good sound not about clarity but about the loudness is enoguh for a small room.
  • I just love this projector.
  • Superb quality at affordable price
  • If you want big picture and amazing quality go for this.
  • With external speakers, as inbuilt speakers are just adequate enough, we can hear good quality audio.
  • Egate k9, dinshi, many more budget projectors have all of above connectivities needed today, with higher lumens (2400 & above), contrast 2000:1 & above, 720p -1080p resolution – make much sensible choice – (not to speak of branded projectors -panasonic, benq, infocus etc for real hifi quality, strong build lasting many years more – at 2-3 times cost).

Top Negative Reviews

  • Todays world is of wifi, mobile mirroring, bluetooth, android, uhd(4k), ….. more…. none of the above in this projector – terribly poor – can not demand its price.
  • Without connectivity to phone, internet etc, and ‘with no scope for up gradation’, buying this projector in mid of year 2019 is total waste – adding to unused electronic junk.

Product Description

Dinshi Combination Complete HD Projector 3500 Lumen LCD House Theater 1080p 3D Play HD LED Projector is a great projector for workplace discussion, house theater, computer game, and outside cinema and so on. Large Forecast Size, enable you to take pleasure in HD films on large screen, relaxing your eyes from TV, Mobile Phone and PC, effectively safeguards your eyes and brings you the best seeing experience.

Key Features

  • Dinshi Fusion Full HD Projector 3500 Lumen LCD Home Theater 1080p 3D Play
  • 1080P LED HD Home theater Projector, excellent image quality
  • Long lifetime, incredible experience watching
  • Adjust the picture mode according to your personal preference – standard, vivid, movies and user mode
  • Built-in Hi-Fi Dual Speakers: Comes with natural and pure sound effect
  • Green Product: Low power consumption, environment protection
  • For any technical issue, contact_us on: [18001030247]

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