Dr Trust NBR Yoga Mat with Bag for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise Yoga Mat for Men and Women Fitness Complete Review

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Dr Trust NBR Yoga Mat with Bag for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise Yoga Mat for Men and Women Fitness Complete Review

Light weight
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Pros- thickness is good (very comfortable), easy to clean, quiet lengthy (my height is173cm so it can cover my length easily) cons- catch dust easily by barefoot, i wish it would have little more width so i can do pushups on it.
  • Amazing quality , i think it’s the best mat that you can get at such a good price
  • Stretchable, thick and comfortable yoga, great for daily use.
  • The thickness is quite good, i am happy with this dr.trust yoga mat.
  • However one of the best that u can get and of course the price is also like that.
  • Been using this for more than a week now and i love the quality.
  • This is best don’t go for cheaper products.
  • Great, comfy yoga mat for everyday use
  • The mat is thick and has excellent cushioning.
  • This mat is very comfortable due to high cusion and softness.
  • Very comfortable and soft … especially for senior citizens.
  • Feels so good just to stand on this thing!
  • Luckily did not break any bones.
  • Stably grounded and comfortable to use.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Its not even 10 days i brought this very disappointed !!!
  • Not worthy. its slip a lot. very difficult to do exercise and yoga on it.
  • Can’t afford to put any pressure on mat which damages outersurface.
  • Poor quality mat and not worth
  • Overall higly dissatisfied and may be in next few days i will have to discard it rgds
  • For me, its waste of money as outer surface was ruptured….
  • I was miscarried by the name dr trust… bad idea to have foam yoga mat.
  • Very poor quality mat…..what is the use of bag when its not convenient to put the mat back in bag.
  • The product is not that great, after using it for a week we observe small patches on the mat also price is high

Product Description

Whether you are a yoga novice or a veteran, Dr Trust NBR yoga mat can be extremely useful to enhance your performance as it offers you full flexibility of trying all type of postures and stretches. It is roll-able, lightweight and non-toxic helping tool that supports your exercising and yoga regular anytime, anywhere. It easy to fold and transport. You can likewise carry it along throughout taking a trip in the offered carry bag. It is best to choice for all ages as its 12 mm density decreases the level of tension on your joints and bones by supplying proper cushioning. Likewise, it is useful for doing different king of yoga presents, workouts, and aerobic activities comfortably as it has a textured style with broad size surface area. You can use it as an expert pilates mat, meditation mat and physical fitness mat while practice.

Key Features

  • Designed for all: pregnant women, beginners and all other people with sensitive joints can use it as it offers extra grip and support that is needed to stay in place even after consistent use
  • Comfy and supportive: being enough grippy, the mat ensures a stable foundation especially when you are practicing an intensive exercise or yoga form or a warrior pose
  • Double sided texture: one side gives cushioning feeling with extra padding and other side provides sufficient grip to prevent slipping
  • Perfect size and cushion: being 183cm long and 61 cm wide, the mat fits well to users of all shapes and sizes, while with 1.2 cm thickness, the premium quality mat cushions
  • Rebound resilience: it has high rebound resilience quality which makes it versatile and durable enough for daily use, it offers stable stand and support during stretches
  • Great travel companion: weighing 1.1 kg, the mat is made up of NBR material which is extremely easy to roll up, you can transport it smoothly with you in the provided carry bag
  • Water resistant and easy to clean: the surface is water resistant and can be washed easily with soap water for removing stains or any other oily mess

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