Echo Dot Black bundle with Wipro 9W LED smart color bulb Complete Review

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Echo Dot Black bundle with Wipro 9W LED smart color bulb Complete Review

Alexa integration
Bluetooth connectivity
Sound quality
Value for money
Voice Recognition

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • It can speak and understand hindi and english it plays all songs i have tried telugu english and hindi it does play what ever songs you want and it can roast you or your friend anyone you can even call through that i just love it
  • It has a really good voice range in both senses- the speaker in its full is pretty powerful plus alexa manages to hear you even from the next room.
  • Loved sound quality, it’s awesome
  • Alexa is better than human being! best buy ever!
  • Easy to install and start and looks so perfect.
  • Affordable smart speaker : intelligent and smart
  • I haven’t used any other smart speaker before but i am very happy with my purchase.
  • I could control her remotely from my mobile from 1000s of km away and was able to watch her switch on our smart lights, show us our house using smart cctv cameras, play songs at home at random times(i do it just to give a feeling that people are at home even when away).
  • Looks wise an excellent one.
  • There were things i demonstrated him about alexa like jungle quiz, panchtantra ki kahaniya, alexa laugh, beatbox, fart!
  • Overall i think this was super value for money.
  • It is only a good hands free speaker…thats all
  • All new echo dot third gen looks compact but the sound quality is amazing for its size.
  • Overall, alexa (echo dot) is one (talkative) little lady of your choice, that your wife will be happily willing to accept to be home.
  • I am enjoying the company with the songs as per my desire and with answers for my questions.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Alexa is really good but once you start copying someone you loose your originals and same has happened with 3rd generation alexa, the creator has lost his touch by making it a boom box instead more of an assistant she is now lazy wakes up bit late, you need to be bit louder now, and as like google mini she cannot listen if the volume is above 6 or 7, i have not understood why they copied the googles harsh sound decibles ( that’s why i am not using google i have) and brought 2 old alexa and now 2 new alexa even the earlier alexa has become bit lazy may be it’s the upgrade for 3rd generation alexa has caused the lazyness.
  • Worst software. i’m totally disappointed with alexa.
  • Pairing is a serious pain on most occasions and thus isn’t much user friendly either.
  • But not able to setup….my mobile failed to detect the device.
  • Once the product is synchronised with the alexa app on your mobile ,it retains its memory even if the power fails, though it has no battery back up.
  • The only negative i have is that you have to connect the dot to the power source.
  • Even if they fall or are in any emergency they can still call me and i can check in on them regularly with the drop in feature.
  • Doesn’t understand most of the commands and doesn’t have a huge number of songs which are very common, this makes choices extremely limited!
  • Not a great quality speaker and can’t be used in a car

Product Description

Key Features

  • This bundle contains Echo Dot and Wipro 9W smart color bulb. Use this bundle to experience the magic of controlling your lights, using just your voice or remotely from home. Or simply create routine to dim them automatically at night. Only Wi-Fi needed – no additonal hub or setup required!
  • Echo Dot is our most popular smart speaker with 360 degree sound
  • Just ask Alexa for music, news, trivias, scores, weather, alarms , kids rhymes and stories
  • Alexa is always ready to help in both English & Hindi
  • Stream millions of songs from Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Apple Music
  • Access songs in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada and more
  • Voice control smart lights or your existing AC, geyser, water pump, air purifier using smart plug (smart home accessories sold separately)
  • With 4 microphones, Alexa can hear you across the room
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