Empathy Manual Water Pump For Bisleri Bottles Complete Review

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Empathy Manual Water Pump For Bisleri Bottles Complete Review

Easy to assemble
Easy to clean
Easy to install
Easy to use
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • It’s working pretty good but the spring inside it is not that good to be honest don’t worry u can easily pump the water outside but the spring inserted can also be better and also the plastic pipe inside which pulls the water out needs to have a better connectivity because when i connected it to the upper part of the device it easily fell of so my final review will be it works good but with some efforts this can be better
  • It’s very easy to use, but some water will remain at the bottom of the can, which cannot be pumped, you have to manually transfer the remaining water, mean while you have to take care of keeping the pipes clean while you fit the pump to new can, feels slightly clumsy, but much better than maneuvering a large can.
  • One advantage though- it fills water in my bottle super quick and yeah, i do love it for that.
  • The manufacturer was kind enough to send a response to the review i have posted along with the instructions and post i followed them, this is certainly the best pump i have used for far.
  • Has been working perfectly and am very satisfied with the performance and value for money.
  • Definitely buy the product and would like to share one suggestion- depending upon the requirement one should fix the adaptor, like in my case i could fix without the adaptor and it’s working phenomenal.
  • I wasn’t sure about the water pressure and speed when i bought this, but i’m happy to say it works reall well.
  • I bought this after reading the positive reviews, and really happy with the purchase after couple of weeks of usage.
  • Amazing product. very useful — just need to get the adjustment right.
  • Since it comes with a special adopter, it perfectly fits threaded neck of 20 litre bislary can.
  • In that case, best resort would be to call up the helpdesk guys and take their help.
  • Fits like a glove, fills a 1l bottle in 3 easy pushes and feels very well built.
  • The parts fit perfectly and tightly.
  • Very durable – excellent value for money.
  • Excellent product, sturdy design, easy to use and operate by kids and elderly alike.

Top Negative Reviews

  • First of all the product material is good, but the while engineering few faults has been made due to which it does not work as expected, fault #1 the suction pipe should have been of more thin in diameter which would help to draw the water when it goes at the bottom of the bottle, fault #2 the hole made to fill the atmospheric air to create the suction pressure is not properly, its a quality checking issue which was not done i believe and produce to market for selling, though i fix the both the issues but why such defects ?
  • Product is good but the packaging was made in a bad and careless manner and i even reported that to the dealer.
  • I was bit skeptical with water pumps as my first purchase (chinese, 250 rs) was a disaster.
  • Cons: was very poorly packaged, one of the pipes was cracked, regrettably saw that only later so unsure now durable the product will actually be.
  • And hence it makes it difficult for the water to be sucked out of the can.
  • I waa planning to buy a battery operated pump but couldn’t do so after reading the reviews as most of the pumps failed after a month or so.
  • – if the fitting between two pipes comes off inside the bottle due to shaking or moving, then the pipe falls inside the bottle, and it is very difficult to get it out.
  • Turns out the first bottle had a minor defect on the neck and hence the problem.
  • Earlier we were using automatic water pump but there battery life is not so good after 3-4 months we have to buy new pump so we switch to manual pump.
  • In the first, the pipe for inserting into the water can was missing, rendering the product useless.
  • I initially gave a single star as the product didn’t fit the water bottle and was useless for me.
  • The extra lid that screws to the bisleri can holds it in place so no entry of air inside.
  • Initially you really need to push hard as suction power is not so strong.
  • This is something people fail to notice when making the purchase.
  • Don’t buy the cheap ones as the plastic used in them is of very poor quality.

Product Description

This is ideal for Bisleri water bottles (Screw shape Neck Top) and Standard water bottles (Crown shape Neck top ). If you have concerns/ doubts whether this product fit for your utilizing bottle, please email us with bottle neck picture so that we can validate prior to ordering. Peacock Agencies is authorized seller for Empathy Handbook water pump for Regular and Bisleri bottles

Key Features

  • Convenient to use with all Universal 19-20 and 25 Ltr bottles – For BISLERI BRAND as well…!!
  • Innovative & Simple working system. Hygienic and lasts a long time.
  • Easy attachment and detachment with simple use & Transparent Middle Part
  • Made of plastic which complies with food packing regulations. Spring will not get rust or break like metal springs.
  • No dripping, No leakage.

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