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Enem Spy Hidden Digital Voice Audio Recorder Mic Device | Small Size Mini | Portable | High Definition HD | in Built Microphone Mic | Dictaphone | Without Light | 4GB – Pack of 01 Complete Review

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131 Reviews
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Enem Spy Hidden Digital Voice Audio Recorder Mic Device | Small Size Mini | Portable | High Definition HD | in Built Microphone Mic | Dictaphone | Without Light | 4GB – Pack of 01 Complete Review

Battery life
Easy to use
Sound quality
Tech Support
Value for money
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Superb product at superb price will recommend for college use audio good at around 1-2 meters range then gets a bit static could improve battery life
  • Really awesome spy recorder it’s works too good, it’s very helpful for me thanks
  • Product was working all fine thise time and special thanks to the seller they shared their customer service number in case of any guidance required and yes i got the full proper guidance from the seller.
  • Sound is best and easy to use and adjustable at all place and any place
  • Good product and good user manual
  • Easy to use and play recorded voice..
  • Yes, i recommend it to any one.

Top Negative Reviews

  • After replacement, i got another device but, this time it was completely dead.
  • The sound quality is not the best, it tends to sound garbled and picks up a lot of disturbance.
  • This is a really poor quality product dont order ever it just doesnt work!
  • It’s easy to use, undetectable, sound quality is very good but battery performance is so poor, hardly run more than one hour

Product Description

? SPECS:2 in 1 COMBINATION4GB Memory flash drive and voice audio recorderIMPROVE YOUR LIFEThis small device can change your life. You will be able to record great ideas as they come to you and catch conversations, meetings, discussions, organization agreements, lectures, and any other oral records you may require. COMPACT DESIGNTiny and basic to run-- High quality, clear voice recordingONE BUTTON RECORDINGPush the power button to "ON" position to begin tape-recording and to "OFF" position to stop recordingAUDIO OUTPUTPlayback through your computer. Plug the USB recorder to your computer and listen to your files in WAV format. MAC users might require to download a complimentary app to listen to WAV files or to transform them to mp3 format? FUNCTIONS: BATTERY LIFEMore than 08 hours of continuous recording after fully charging internal batteryRECORDING STORAGE TIME: More than 36 HoursRECORDING BITRATE192kbpsRECHARGING TIME0.5-1 HoursRECORDING FORMATWAVRECORDING DISTANCEUp to 25 metersDIMENSIONS65 X 20 X 8 mmMEMORY CAPACITY4GB

Key Features

  • ? DISCREET AND HIDDEN: Designed in the shape of a pen drive, perfect for discreet recording. No lights blink while recording. It is easy to carry or conceal in a shirt or pants pocket, purse or backpack
  • ? AUDIO RECORDER & USB FLASH DRIVE: Our 4 GB USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder is the perfect gift for students, professionals, musicians, writers, bloggers and absolutely everyone! It’s perfect for recording ideas, memos, lectures, meetings, interviews, etc.
  • ? GREAT RECORDING CAPACITY & LONG BATTERY LIFE: The 4GB internal memory enables more than 36 hours of recording time. The built-in rechargeable 110mAh 3.7v lithium battery supports more than 08 hours of continuous recording
  • ? SIMPLE TO OPERATE AND RECHARGE: The USB Voice Recorder has only one switch. Push the switch to “ON” and start recording and saving files. Push the switch to “OFF” to stop recording
  • ? PLUG AND PLAY: Then plug the USB device into your computer to listen to your recorded files

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