FEGSY Resistance Loop Exercise Bands for Squats, Hips, Legs, Butt, Glutes and Heavy Workouts Physical Therapy, Rehab, Stretching, Home Fitness Set of 5 Complete Review

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FEGSY Resistance Loop Exercise Bands for Squats, Hips, Legs, Butt, Glutes and Heavy Workouts Physical Therapy, Rehab, Stretching, Home Fitness Set of 5 Complete Review

Easy to use
For beginners
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Product is nice and useful, the quality is very good and gives good resistance strength.
  • I’ve been using this for past four days & the product gives its best, 5 level bands have different extensions level and they are durable too, let me use for a months hope this will make me give a good review again ;-) it’s very useful for beginners.
  • Very good product , flexible and easy to use, great workout experience.suitable for all sports & fitness activities.
  • Easy to use for beginners as it comes with a guide(4pages) that shows 16 ways in which it can be used,also the care instructions and user safety is mentioned,worth the money!
  • Best part is that from a kid to a adult everyone can use these as per their strength.
  • Very durable,sturdy and excellent product…… its strong enough for a person my weight of 70kg…
  • Useful and strong, worth it
  • Good for now..for long term get somehing not this. does the job perfectly tjough.
  • Very small in length ans width not sufficeint for people with good strength even black band gives less resistance to male patients color like green is very week cud not help purpose for what it was bought
  • Pretty pleased with the quality .
  • For good keep your repetition more and choose your band according to strength.
  • They are pretty good and 5 pieces is a total deal for the money paid.
  • Good product, but surely there is bit restrictions for some exercises.
  • Bands are good quality, easy to store in bag which it comes with it, comes with exercise chart.
  • If you have this product you dont need any gym any bulk equipments… easy to carry anywhere…comfortable during the time of use..well packed with good quality..

Top Negative Reviews

  • Poor quality, broke in couple of days less than 30 minutes of mild use in total.
  • Not at all satisfied with the product, firstly extra light, light ,medium r waste for me, so their should b an option to choose the one i need n paying that much money only…
  • I have been training with resistance bands for over 3 years now and found these to be some of the worst that i have come across.
  • X-light, light and x-heavy broke with minimal tension.
  • The glossy sticky rubber platicky product is not nice on skin and the tensile strength isn’t great either, better off with a cheap rubber tube type material.
  • Very cheap and poor quality.
  • It was very unfortunate of me to buy these resistance bands even after a few reviews said that were not durable.
  • 2ndly the loops r so small n the material is so pathetic that it rolls up on my thighs, like always…i have to bear extra 10 12 min to straighten those bands , even after correcting it doesn’t stay that way for more than 2 min…they should mention that these r for kids only… apart from these issue with heavy n extra heavy u can get ur work done….

Product Description

Key Features

  • High end exercise bands. Our 12? by 2? heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex – free of non-natural Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) – and come in 5 varying resistance levels. This makes them perfect whether you are just starting to workout or a seasoned workout warrior. Our extra light and light bands are great for beginners, while our medium, heavy and extra heavy exercise bands are targeted for more intermediate and advanced strength training.
  • Great with any workout. This resistance band set can be integrated seamlessly with every popular workout program including Yoga, Pilates and more. Or use them for general exercise, stretching, strength training, power weight programs. The included carry bag makes it easy to take your bands with you and do any workout away from home or your home gym.
  • Multiple uses. While these resistance bands are often used for sports and fitness, physical therapists love these physical therapy bands (rehab bands) to help them rehabilitate their patients. Our stretch bands work for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and help in recovery from torn MCL and ACL, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab. They are also perfect for use by women after pregnancy and birth to keep their bodies in shape.
  • Improve muscle tone in arms, legs, ankles, back & buttocks without need for expensive gym memberships or exercise equipment
  • These bands are ideal for: Sports Fitness Injury Recovery Body Shaping Weight Loss Physical Therapy

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