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FUR JADEN DSLR SLR Camera Lens Shoulder 14 Inch Laptop Backpack for Canon Nikon Sigma Olympus with Tripod Holder Complete Review

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453 Reviews
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FUR JADEN DSLR SLR Camera Lens Shoulder 14 Inch Laptop Backpack for Canon Nikon Sigma Olympus with Tripod Holder Complete Review

For beginners
For travelling
Value for money
Water resistance

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • I buy this bag for my canon t6 complete set, my old bag was given me by canon but it was one side single handel and so compact to fit lots of items, this new bag is good and mange my all equipment properly, quality-wise also good and worth to cost, if they include rain cover that will great addon to this bag
  • ‘fur jaden dslr camera bag’ are amazing product.product is good easy to carry and all the items easy to accommodate the best of the product is we can make section in bag according to our need.
  • Product is nice good for beginners the outer stuff is of good material but the inner material is not that good as expected it is little bit of low quality but its fine in this pricing as the camera will be safe in that also 14 inch laptop can be fitted very comfortably it is spacious can carry many things inside it
  • Look wise product is excellent and classy .attractive product i also suggest friends, purchase to this product.
  • But again i want to say this bag is not for heavy camera and 14 inch acer laptop fits well.compact size bag and very good space ower all good package.only velcro is the issue other than it’s a very good hybrid bag.
  • Nice and comfy fully loaded, this is a great bag to wonder round the city with camera in hand.
  • I thought it won’t last for a month…but it is doing well after 2 months…walls are not as padded as other bags in the same category…but it works just fine…not the top of the line…but awesome value for your money.
  • Also the cushions of the seperator are easy to adjust allowing to fit all in perfect shape.
  • I can put my headphones and launchpad and charger etc and it’s good quality the build is good its comfortable unlike other cheap backpacks
  • Looks good, feels good, materials could have been a bit better and thicker
  • Overall it is a very good product and i would definitely recommend buying it
  • Just felt like the padding would have been sturdy – might be well for large bodied dslr , but for my light camera bodies ( both mirrorless ) it quite good .
  • Quite a good looking product , good for my 2 fuji bodies with their lenses , room for flashlight and its remote with other accessories .
  • Expected myself to regret the purchase in six months considering the price, but it’s been a pleasant surprise.
  • Thanks to the fur jaden customer support for quick response over query.

Top Negative Reviews

  • I can’t say whether i’ve recieved an original product or a dupe, there’s no red strap on the front as described in the pic, the stitching finishing is damn poor, and zips stuck while opening and closing.
  • Most unfortunate part is its extremely poor mechanism to fix partitions inside.
  • It’s so bad that i have stopped using this and planning to buy another higher quality bag.
  • Now, i can see hell of a difference between two bags, as i am using both.
  • This was my bad decision !!
  • Not at all worth. poor quality
  • Very poor quality camera bag
  • I got cheated because this product is not waterproof.

Product Description

This Fur Jaden Big DSLR Device Backpack Bag is a must have for bring your DSLR cam, lenses, and other camera accessories. No matter what devices you utilize, the detachable interior of the AmazonBasics knapsack can be adapted to fit a DSLR video camera body, up to 3 lenses, and other devices. The bag also includes adjustable straps on the outside to connect and bring a tripod. This adjustable, heavily padded, shoulder strap make the gizmo backpack bag comfortable to use even when loaded with all your equipment. The lightweight dslr cam case, is created to secure your cam in all sort of situations as it is made of totally waterproof product. The within compartments that are adjustable and have padded dividers permit you to personalize the cam compartment according to your preference. The backpack comes with a pocket for your laptop along with your tablet so you do not have to fret about carrying different bags for different equipments. Pattern: Strong.

Key Features

  • Customizable – no matter what equipment you use, the removable interior of the lightweight DSLR camera case can be adjusted to fit multiple DSLR bodies, lenses, and accessories. The bag also features adjustable straps on the exterior to attach and carry a tripod
  • Waterproof – this backpack is made of fully water resistant material which means the bag wont even get wet in the rain and all the water will simply slide off its body keeping your belongings completely safe
  • Laptop and tablet pocket – now you don’t need multiple backpacks for each accessory as this backpack comes with a pocket made especially for a laptop as well as a tablet
  • Compatibility – compatible with canon, Nikon, Sony, olympus, pentax and other DSLR’s and photographic equipment
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