GM Modular 3058 G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard Complete Review

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GM Modular 3058 G-Power 4+1 Spike Guard Complete Review

Light weight
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Best in quality- i recommend all to purchase. trust gm products
  • Build quality is great, a bit heavy which is gud, totally worth the price, has 6 amp 4 ports, but instead u shud buy the 6 ports one which is just 100rs more, this one is also great tho.
  • Final verdict: *********************** all in all , for this price point of around 550, it surely looks charming & is one of the sturdiest.however a separate switch for each socket would be highly appreciable.
  • The spikes looks really good, the body is very strudy and is of good material l. the spike never gave any problem.
  • Nice product.. durable will be better if individual switches were there..anyhow good one
  • I was facing serious hardware issue in my desktop pc due to voltage surges in my area…my desktop hardisk got crashed due to frequent voltage surges and mouse was not responding when surge occurs..after installing this gm spike guard it totally solved my problem… now im not facing any issues when surge occurs after installing gm spike guard.i recommend this quality is also excellent!
  • It’s better to protect the electronic devices by investing some good bucks in spike guards.
  • Have used for the high load activity and the response was good. 10 amp load current is really great
  • one of the best heavy duty spike guards with cute fancy looks
  • An excellent product. well made and looks robust
  • Finally, please click helpful tab below, if you find the review of any help.
  • Perfectly able to fit us type plugs have been using one myself.durable material.
  • To be honest gm products are very good.
  • The construction of the spike guard is excellent & very robust, in fact the material resembles abs .
  • Greatly versatile product by a trusted manufacturer gm…thumbs up.. :)

Top Negative Reviews

  • The only problem i have with this is that the sockets are a bit crammed up which makes it difficult to plug in headers in the consecutive slots without application of a little force.
  • I have been using the product for a month and have had no problems so far.
  • If you can send an executive i can handover both the spike guards.. you are forcing me to give negative feedback on gm spikes..
  • A preview to purchase : ************************************** i had been using anchor spike guards previously which was damaged recently in a rare power fluctuation at our had been serving me for over 2 years saving my costly mobiles & laptops ,so this time i decided to try a different brand .

Product Description

Key Features

  • 4+1 Spike adaptor which comes with 4 international sockets & 1 Master switch
  • Socket Type: International socket which is suitable for different types of plugs used around the world
  • Indicator: Indicates availability of power supply
  • Total Max load of 10A and length of cable = 2m
  • Safety shutdown technology – It has Thermal overload trip to power off your system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe over current or when the surge protection is disable. You can press red button to return to safe function mode
  • 3 High Power MOVs -The Spike guard is equipped with 3 high power MOVs to protect the equipment connected to it from transient and switching spikes and surges
  • Fire retardant protection: All the sockets parts of the product have been manufactured from fire-retardant imported engineering products

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