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HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Table Cum Wall AC DC Fan with 19 SMD LED Light, Table Fan for Home, Table Fans, Table Fan for Office DeskAssorted Color Complete Review

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310 Reviews
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HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Table Cum Wall AC DC Fan with 19 SMD LED Light, Table Fan for Home, Table Fans, Table Fan for Office DeskAssorted Color Complete Review

Battery life
Light weight
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Super rechargeable table fan i just loving this this fan two in one it is very useful when the light goes off quality awesome and we can put it anywhere brightness of light good color combination also good over all value for money product it is
  • This fan is very good and easy moving and super flexible.this product use in pooja rooms,in kitchen, during powercuts, during travel,in outdoors.product quality is satisfactory decent air through.
  • The product is hreat i was amaze at speed of fan may look small and portable but the air provided is good you can use it for camping and terrace basically anywhere because of its portability i like it very much and battery life is good too and also have a lamp inside it incase if someone have a powercut issue around house in this summer
  • Very good product nd mainly used for studying purpose for students and led is good for lighting and the fan is use for different angles and will we carry this anywhere that’s very good nd this is budget fan
  • A very good product by hness and its quality is great the led lights brighter than i thought and the fan provide a lot more air compared to its size.
  • Rechargeable so we can use when our light turns off , easy portable , easily handled , in 3 different sizes + a torch light , nice features, loved it.
  • You can turn the fan’s mouth the way you want.and it is also very beneficial in study work.we can study under its light and we feel very less heat from its air.i would also use it as a bathroom is very profitable compared to the feathers available in the market and it is a very good thing in less money.
  • Excellent and very useful fan
  • This fan looks amazing and it’s pretty much bigger than the images shown.
  • Font buy this fan please i request u, useless, waste of money, it’s been only 15 days, in few days fan stopped working, i thot battery problem, or not charged properly, i charged it, then switched it on, but it didn’t start, then i kept it aside, all of sudden fan started working but very slow speed, i charged it properly, but didn’t charge, then the unbelievable thing happened, i switched it off, but fan didn’t off, fan aoni marzi se on off hota hai.. from my side .. 0/10 pls dont 2aste ur money i bought it for my kitchen .. but i m really disappointed
  • Very nice built quality, good airflow, battery backup is also good .
  • Fan performance is good and led brightness is adequate to cover whole table.
  • Most useful and good quality fan.
  • Fan is very light weight and powerful enough to keep us sweat free.
  • I’m very happy for buying this most useful product.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Build quality is not good, fan vibrates as it is not having strong stand base.
  • The battery life is the worst part.
  • Avoid buying this crap buy some branded product.
  • Within just using twice, the battery got too weak, even when charged overnight.
  • For difficulty but no rply from them 3.
  • Looks quality of this item is very poor , there is now zero star in rating which i could have chosen otherwise.
  • Recived a toy fan.. very poor quality
  • Review after a week’s use: led light’s working fine but the fan is a total disaster.

Product Description

8-10hrs/ weak light Power supply mode: USB charging/Plugin electrical energy Changing mode: Stepless speed change/LED Button switch How to operate: Press the LED button for the very first time, the light is strong. Press the fan button for the very first time, the fan is in low speed. Press the fan button for the 2nd time, the fan is in high speed.

Key Features

  • 2 in 1 7″ Inch Leaf Table Fan Works in AC and DC when Power Fails ..
  • 2 step Speed and 17 LED with Low and High Brightness, Individual Button for Fan & Light. Both Fan & Light can be used at a Time. led lamp can be used 8 hours OR fan use up to 4 hours or more. led light and fan at the same time about the same use of up to 3 hours…
  • The Fan Can Be Mounted in Fall and Can be Place on Table, an be carried anywhere easily, it is light weighted rechargeable fan
  • The charging cable is included in the box and this fan can also be charged using a micro usb cable.

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