HUL Pureit Germkill kit for Classic 23 L Water Purifier – 1500 L & Germkill kit for Advanced 23 L Water Purifier – 1500 L Combo Complete Review

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HUL Pureit Germkill kit for Classic 23 L Water Purifier – 1500 L & Germkill kit for Advanced 23 L Water Purifier – 1500 L Combo Complete Review


Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • I was using pureit from last 8 years but from last 2 months they changed something in their germkill kit due to which it started giving strong taste of chlorine which was unbearable…..had to replace pureit with tata swach
  • Don’t know if it is original product, the polisher size is different from the original ( though it fits, don’t know if this is for 1500 litre and the one which is in the purifier is for 3000 litres and the original one has markings like ‘this side up’ and ‘this side down’ as seen in the photo, i used the old polisher itself.
  • Never tested the water but definitely safer than regular tap water.
  • I hope it will do less good than the original kits we used previously.
  • It’s very easy to install and value for money.
  • If you want perfectly company sealed item you have to buy only in stores.
  • Original genuine product and well packed same as market and price of the product is low as compare local market , overall very nice product
  • Best product for purification of water without electricity consumption.
  • I was little confused at the time of booking but found that its very easy to install the equipment.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Very very lower quality than earlier germ kill kit compare to 10 to 12 years ago…
  • I got totally damaged product it’s your employees fault.
  • Germ kill processor though looks same its height is small.
  • They are responsible for it while transportation they throw the products like they are throwing stones careless employee.. its your problem your transportation public will not give you any money in any damage
  • Even after removing 7 batches of water, still the water tastes bad and not drinkable.
  • Bad quality germkill kit. never expected from pureit hul this substandard quality.
  • Quality very poor ,used condition
  • Very much disappointed with the kit this time.

Product Description

HUL Pureit Germkill kit for Traditional 23 L water purifier - 1500 LPureit Germkill Set for Traditional 23Ltr/Classic Autofill 23 Litres Fits: 1. Pureit Classic 23Ltr 2. Timeless Autofill 23 Ltr Does Not Fit: 1. Timeless 14 Liters 2. Compact & Intella Purifiers Contents: 1. Triggered Carbon Trap 2. Bacterium Eliminate Processor 3. Polisher 4. Instruction for Replacing the Package Note: This Product is the The Bacterium Eliminate Package (Battery Package) That is Required to Modification after every 1500 liters of Purification. Please do Not Presume It As The Complete Purifier. "Filters 1500 Litres Of Safe Drinking Water" Pure It Water Purifier Features Advance Vehicle Turn Off System When The Bacterium Kill Life Indication Turns Fully Red Pureit'S Advanced Vehicle Shut-Off Mechanism Shuts Down The Supply Of Cleansed Water.This Ensures No Member Of Your Family Drinks Unsafe Water.Please Change The Germkill Immidiately. Conditions: 1. Octroi Charges And Entry Tax Are Applicable In Some Locations And It Shall Be Borne By The Consumer (Payable To The Carrier Company On Shipment) 2. Make Certain Your Address And Contact Number Is Correct. Feedback: 1. Your Useful Feedback For Our Services And Products Shall Motivate Us For Better Performance.HUL Pureit Germkill kit for Advanced 23 L water purifier - 1500 LContains: Bacterium kill processor Carbon Polisher Micro Charged Membrane. KEEP IN MIND: This product is the bacterium kill package (Battery package) that is needed to change every 1500 liters of purification. Please DO NOT assume it as the complete cleanser.HUL Pureit Germkill set for Traditional 23 L water cleanser - 1500 LPureit Germkill Set for Timeless 23Ltr/Classic Autofill 23 Litres Fits: 1. Instruction for Changing the Package Note: This Item is the The Germ Eliminate Kit (Battery Package) That is Needed to Change after every 1500 liters of Filtration. NOTE: This item is the bacterium kill kit (Battery set) that is required to alter every 1500 liters of filtration.

Key Features

  • Product 1: Activated Carbon (Removes harmful parasites and pesticides)
  • Product 1: Germ kill Processor – Uses programmed germ kill technology to target and Removes invisible harmful virus and bacteria ; Gravity Based : Non Electric Purification based on Gravity or Pressure
  • Product 1: Polisher – Removed chlorine and other contaminants to make water clear, odorless and great tasting
  • Product 1: 1501 Liters Germ Kill Kit ; Non – Electrical & Storage : Gravitational purification – suitable for areas with water shortage ; Activated Carbon (Removes harmful parasites and pesticides)
  • Product 2: Germ kill battery kit
  • Product 2: Max usage:1500 ltrs
  • Product 2: Carbon polisher
  • Product 2: Micro charged membrane

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