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Infinity Reference REF-6522ix Coaxial Car Speakers Pair of 2 Complete Review

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235 Reviews
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Infinity Reference REF-6522ix Coaxial Car Speakers Pair of 2 Complete Review

Sound quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • I am no audiophile but do appreciate the clarity of sound and these are great for the price.
  • Great speakers… only had them for about a week and a half… don’t know if they’re fully broken in, but the clarity is unbelievable compared to the factory speakers…they sound great!
  • Fit perfectly in stock rear location (genesis coupe) much improved sound over factory stock infinity speakers.
  • Loved the infinity’s i put into my impala ss (’96) and got great results with these in my g35.
  • Great sound and great price point.
  • For a car or truck installation, i would recommend sound deadener to better seal the door casings so you can fully enjoy these 6-1/2’s.
  • If you want better speakers than these, you’re getting into competition audio and true reference-level speakers, and the price goes way up to play that game.
  • Crystal clear at standard volume, and bright, lively tone at higher volumes.
  • I’d say these are worth the money and they are a perfect fit !
  • The bass is very nice and acceptable for not having subwoofers in the car like i’m used to
  • They sound great and were easy to install.
  • Easy enough to install, and they sound great.
  • Was a great price sound is very clear.
  • Infinity markets these as a great choice to replace factory speakers…wrong i am going to give these a couple of weeks and i hope they sounds better once they are broken in.
  • Hopefully they stay sounding great.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Did require destroying of the crappy speakers…but no loss there!
  • Worst than default speaker.totally noisy at high volume.
  • Estas son bocinas para disfrutar de un sonido cristalino sin distorsión para estéreos de fábrica de buena calidad o amplificadores pequeños + preamp + crossover de muy alta fidelidad calculados para 60w rms 150-180w pmpo por canal, y cortando en las frecuencias correctas según las especificaciones de estas bocinas, esto puede no ser necesario si se consulta las frecuencias del equipo de sonido de su auto y su aislamiento ante interferencias, las infinity ref6522ix y su modelo nuevo infinity ref6532ix son más que suficientes para el oído humano: rango de frecuencia oído humano adulto: 20hz a 20khz (sólo muy pocos niños pueden llegar a escuchar hasta 22khz).
  • Took too long to install and went past return date, i had to take them out , and take a loss on this one :-(
  • I am replacing factory jbl on my prius and these infinty speakers are sounding terrible cannot handle any bass at all!!!!
  • 2014 kia sorento stock non-infinity system.
  • I have the tweeters at the lower db setting (dont’ want harsher high frequency) and it works for me.
  • Really upset that 2/6 of my infinity speakers i installed in my car stopped working in the 6 months since i bought them.
  • There is no wire to install no more comments without wire not possible to check and say …
  • I replaced the oem speaker with this speaker sound quality is very poor.
  • For a high-quality speaker, i am extremely disappointed with how little time they lasted.
  • I first went with another set of speakers (jbl components) and was very disappointed with the sound quality, not to mention the installation because i had to get a crossover on the line.

Product Description

Bring home this speaker that delivers power packed performance. It is likewise smooth in terms of its design, making it the perfect pick for every single music lover.

Key Features

  • Wattage:180 watts
  • Use with a step down/up converter
  • 2 Way coaxial car speakers

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