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jaspo Multi Utility Sports Helmet for Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding Complete Review

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216 Reviews
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jaspo Multi Utility Sports Helmet for Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding Complete Review


Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Has got great comfort, looks stunning and is durable enough to protect if any fall.
  • Good quality product, looks good and value for money, i recommend this product.
  • Super comfortable and value for money
  • Great helmet for sports!! buy it with peace
  • Best for cycle riding safety.
  • Good fit light weight value for money
  • It safety and light weight also nice packing
  • Hi, this product size too high, i like to replace the same product with a smaller size can you pls revert with my needed support
  • Hope you like the product
  • Even a large size is only good to fit kids its not for adults.
  • Good one + value for money
  • The best part was packaging.
  • !i bought this for my son and he is loving it.
  • Safety helmet grade pads made of silicon, or fibre glass etc..could be used with marginal increase in cost.
  • Worth for money compare to market its to cheaper price and quality wise also standard

Top Negative Reviews

  • The inner part’s shock absorber is hard thermocol which will not do any good in case of motorized vehicles and competitions their should be more foam or silicon to accompany the thermocol this is good for skating ,cycling ,rollerblading if we don’t get into any fatal accidents this might prevent head injury in case of a head hit , its a one time product which must be replace once its themocol breaks or once you fall with it head on since shock absorbtion capacity will be drastically reduced in case if the thermocol breaks.
  • Poor quality of product.. worthless.
  • I disliked the use of thermocol for shock absorption on the inner lining of the helmet.
  • Not good, and not free size as they have mentioned.
  • I ordered the large ones but it doesn’t fit on my head, helmet is lacking skull adjusting straps, even the chin adjusting straps also didn’t fits well on me, so, i returned it, refund was on time.
  • Don’t buy- bad quality & scratches on the surface.
  • Pasting is popping out looks bad.
  • The quality is very poor.

Product Description

Key Features

  • 1.MULTI-SPORTING GEAR: These Kids / Child Helmets are suitable for Multi-sports activities, include cycling, skateboarding, inline & roller skating. These helmets would be the essential protective gear for any outdoor sports-lovers.
  • 2. HEAD SIZE: 53-58 cm, These Cycling helmets come with an adjustable strap which make it flexible to fit the size of Kids / Child. The flexibility of the strap make it a unisex product and would fit both well for both boys and girls.
  • 3. IMPACT Resistance: These helmets are specially designed for Kids / Child Multi-sports Head protection. The material use is tough and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam which would help absorb the impact and protect the head during impact.
  • 4. VENTILATION: Use of multiple vents, special aerodynamic design and breathable foam to reduce sweating and keep staying cool. It also reduces the high body temperature caused by intense body movements.
  • 5.HELMET COMES IN 2 SIZES- M (53-56cm); L (56-58cm).For a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead to ensure you choose the correct size.

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