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Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse, Silent Buttons, 2.4 GHz with USB Mini Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 18-Month Battery Life, Ambidextrous PC/Mac/Laptop – Red Complete Review

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Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse, Silent Buttons, 2.4 GHz with USB Mini Receiver, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, 18-Month Battery Life, Ambidextrous PC/Mac/Laptop – Red Complete Review

Battery life
Easy to hold
For gaming
Light weight

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Clicks are super efficient and super silent and smooth !
  • I wish the size was a little larger to fill the palm but for a medium-sized hand its still ok.
  • It’s also a tad bit longer and flatter than m235, and switches are very silent, the scroll is not so much, but it’s ok, not bad, and the middle click is silent as well.
  • I used 2 another wireless mouse but it is unique then other , it is so comfortable in my hand and clicking sound is very low but not fully mute.
  • For the price, this is one amazing buy with the silent operation being the best feature.
  • I’d recommend you the m331 for a better ergonomics and hand feel.
  • Product is awesome with valuable pricing.
  • Color options are very vibrant and add a very modern yet elegant look to it.
  • The m221 is awesome for work. buy the m331 for better ergonomics.
  • You can enjoy your perfect silence while working.
  • I’ve been using this on a macbook air, which gives me free range to use quick gestures on the track pad as well as easily browse through things using the mouse without getting a finger burn.
  • It fits very comfortable in the palm of the hand.
  • Basically it has help up pretty fine even after how roughly i handle it.
  • The material is just superb and the click is soo silent it feels like a breeze.
  • It’s a very compact mouse and comfortable on your hand.

Top Negative Reviews

  • The scroll button is plain bad, stops working in a few months(2nd unfortunate purchase), the click buttons stop working too, just buy the new m331 model.
  • But the only this is that there are some negative commenting on the feedback which grows the negative impact on the customer.
  • So i thought the problem is in my batteries, but even the exhausted batteries work for around a month in my old lg mouse (the one with the faulty scroll wheel).
  • Otherwise i want this type of silent mouse which is awesome, and all these negative comment are wrong and worst.
  • Specially when you are working at night close to the persons sleeping, clicking of the mouse is really a bother making others wake up irritated.
  • One thing that little disappointed me is it is very light weight/slippery/sensitive that sometimes cursor becomes little unstable while clicking (just get dragged from clicking point a little bit) as a software developer, when i need to select multiple points in a code this becomes a serious issue.
  • Now the problem i am facing is that the cover for battery is a little bit loose and it jiggles a little bit, so if you pull up the mouse from table and put it back, it makes a weird sound.
  • I don’t understand why after spending resources in making left and right clicks silent, logitech left scrolling so noisy and with noisy clicks !!
  • I wonder how logitech failed to pay attention to the scroll wheel sound and smoothness when preparing this silent model.
  • Once in a blue moon it is working and i hate this product.
  • But all these small issues are related to ubuntu os, as ubuntu has bad mouse pointer algorithms compared to windows.
  • But this can be neglected.
  • *** edited review*** i tried everything to make it work, but it stops suddenly and you are not sure when it will statrt working again.
  • As advertised, mice is quite silent unless you want to shut yourself in a quiet place just to prove this wrong.
  • I feel cheated with this product.

Product Description

Silent mice have the exact same click feel without the click sound - over 90 percent noise decrease. A smooth scroll wheel finishes the quiet experience. Silent mice eliminate excess noise while securing the health and performance of everyone.

Key Features

  • Ultra-quiet mouse with 90% reduced click sound and same click feel eliminates noise and distractions for you and others around you
  • Comfortable mobile shape is small enough to toss in a bag and an ambidextrous design guides either hand into a natural position
  • USB Receiver is provided with the mouse and can be found in the small rectangular slot next to the battery compartment. Flip the mouse and slide the battery cover off to locate the receiver
  • Mouse automatically connects to your computer via a tiny wireless Receiver that Plugs into your computer’s USB port
  • Reliable, long range wireless mouse works up to 33 feet away from your computer (Actual wireless range may vary based on use, settings, and environmental conditions)
  • For any queries, please call toll free number 1800 572 4730 (9:00am to 6:00pm-Monday to Friday)
  • Country of Origin: China

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