Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker Black Complete Review

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Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker Black Complete Review

Bluetooth connectivity
For gaming
Sound quality
Value for money
Volume control

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Amazing sound quality and heart thumping bass, not the bass that’s distorted and sounds bad but this one did sound so clean and powerful .. after reading so many reviews decided to give it a go since it was on a sale for 7k and it’s worth every penny .. never have i experienced such an awesome quality .. if you’re a bass head it’s gonna be a delight as the bass is top notch.. overall these are the best 2.1 i’ve ever used .. thx experience is op..
  • If ur looking for best sounding speaker then this is for u… no matter if u have budget of 40 to 50000 i recommend u this speaker remember this speaker is thx certified so u can buy this blindly if u want to party…..its perfect if u want to game…..its perfect if u want to watch movies…its perfect if u want to shake ur society….its perfect if u want to feel ur bones shaking…its perfect
  • *if you like bass get this.. great for parties.. and movies.. *if you want amazing mids and highs in music.. great stereo separation.. soundstage.. vocals.. get the edifier.. (bassy music, movies are is not that enjoyable)
  • Metal, edm, hip-hop and all the party, movie and gaming is lot more fun with a good set of powerful speaker like these.
  • I am a bass lover n i love this sub… i am planning to buy z906 which is thx certified after i brought this speakers.
  • Great clarity & excellent bass.
  • Friends thanks for all your positive review which made me buy this beast.
  • Just amazing, best home theater i have used ever..
  • Always been a lover of great sound and felt the need to have one for my music and movies.
  • I would recommend this 1 who loves bass, low frequency bass is excellent it will blow your mind off.
  • Other thoughts: – i definitely recommend these speakers, but make sure you get an optical/toslink cable as well!
  • Clean and kickass bass.. best 2.1 ever used !!
  • I purchased it for 7499 in great indian festival.
  • High time this excellent sounding speaker system is upgraded for better convenience & usability.
  • Superb sound design feeling like sound engineer after purchase

Top Negative Reviews

  • Only bad part is the edge of subwoofer was slightly damaged due to poor packaging.
  • I may not qualify for an audiophile, but before i got this killer, i used to (and still) own a swans m10, bose soundsport (for gym) and an audiotechnica m50 (you know its cool).
  • Worst quality. no output from speakers.
  • I hate the messy setup (wires & speakers) of 5.1 or 7.2 sound systems.
  • The subwoofer is amazing… satellite is okayish…you will easily find that high frequency is missing as there are no tweeters… pls, don’t buy for music listening(u will be disappointed by the lack of the high-frequency notes)… cable connection are proprietary..
  • The speakers were too good, but they get dead after the warranty expires.
  • Speakers wer too good, but they get dead after warranty expires
  • Headphone jack cons: the only thing that will nag you is no bluetooth connectivity and no remote.
  • Aux out/headphone out is connected thru the tv amplifier that adds noise and distortion and is to be avoided, firestick connected to bluetooth receiver also delivers a poor quality sound.
  • Audiophiles however can be disappointed without the crystal clarity that they expect.
  • Also i believe that logitech has designed to do away with frills and give us a budget studio quality home theatre without compromising on sound happy listening, sanjay143 note: i have not purchased z906…but logitech products are timeless classics….i have heard all i/c bose soundbar 700/polk signa 2 but there is little comparison remember a chain is as strong as the weakest link…best to worst for audio frequencies….hdmi arc/spdif/coaxial/rca/aux/bluetooth for speaker connections.
  • Dont use cheap cable/bletooth adapter and low quality mp3 files, it will not do justice to quality of this speaker.
  • But again i bought it because no other sound system could not satisfy me.
  • So what kind of service does logitech provides, this means after 1-year if speakers goes bad then we need to trash it.
  • You will be blown out once you listen the music con: > no bluetooth > no remote control

Product Description

Logitech Z625 is a powerful thx-certified 2.1 speaker system with deep bass delivering gaming-grade audio and the supreme sound experience for your films and music. Delight in the complete impact of thx audio with 400 Watts of peak power that delivers crisp, clear theatrical noise and roaring bass. Optical, 3.5 mm and rca audio inputs connect approximately 3 devices all at once including Televisions, computers, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, smart devices, tablets, music players, DVD players and Blu-ray gamers. No requirement to disconnect when changing in between audio sources. Quickly access volume, power and bass controls on the best satellite speaker to develop a customized sound experience. Dimensions Left Satellite: Height x Width x Depth: 116 mm x 195 mm x 124 mm Weight: 850 g Right Satellite: Height x Width x Depth: 116 mm x 195 mm x 135 mm Weight: 900 g Subwoofer: Height x Width x Depth: 282 mm x 303 mm x 264 mm Weight: 6400 g.

Key Features

  • Thx-certified speaker system tuned to exact audio specifications accurately produces the ultimate sound experience for your games, movies and music
  • Total Watt (RMS): 400 Watts Peak/200 Watts RMS; Subwoofer: 260 Watts Peak/130 Watts RMS; Satellites: 2 x 70 Watts Peak/2 x 35 Watts RMS
  • Versatile home speaker system connects to 3 entertainment devices simultaneously
  • Plug and play audio speakers feature optical, 3.5 millimeter and rca Inputs for easy connections to TVs, computers, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, smartphones, tablets and more
  • Customize your sound experience with simple on-speaker Volume and bass controls plus power
  • For any queries, please call toll free number 1800 572 4730 (9:00am to 6:00pm-Monday to Friday)
  • Country of Origin: China

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