Lokza Wireless Doorbell Door Bell Chime Kit with LED Light, 1 Receiver and 1 Push Button Operating at 820-feet Range with 32 Chimes Black Complete Review

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Lokza Wireless Doorbell Door Bell Chime Kit with LED Light, 1 Receiver and 1 Push Button Operating at 820-feet Range with 32 Chimes Black Complete Review

Easy to install
Sound quality
Value for money
Volume control

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Good range, nice look.. various volume options, could have been a bit louder too.. nit all but in certain instances when there are loud disturbances .. and you have installed the product a little but farther then you realise, otherwise a great product.
  • Best solution for having a door bell without any drilling, installation etc.,it has a lot of sound options, can fit into any socket.
  • Excellent product worth buying value quality product unlike usual bells worth 300 rupees
  • Easy to install, and i’m using this product door bell last 4 month, still working 100 % good, buy this door bell without any doubt
  • And yes most beautiful too
  • Of the two pieces bought, one has worked perfectly and i would recommend it to all.
  • The product is very compact, decent & clear sound, its perfect for big office & home its covered almost all are ( i tried it in 4 door distance approx 300 feet in office )
  • Has a pretty good range between the switch and the receiver.
  • Also, the installation is pretty easy.
  • The press fit is ok for offices, but for home screw fitted will be better option.
  • It serves the purpose….the volume is good… design is nice…. looks good… very easy to install… my range is 30’ n the product volume is clearly audible….
  • Overall, a good product a little pricey, but good.
  • Simple, small, powerful, efficient gate remote doorbell.
  • Simple, small, powerful, efficient gate remote doorbell.
  • Installation is just easy like putting a button.

Top Negative Reviews

  • The seller has cheated me by selling a poor quality product i paid like 900 odd for this wireless bell, now it is not now working.
  • It was working as expected for 15 days but after that the door bell stopped working ..need urgent help on this …if there is no customer service regarding this then it will be rated as an worst product .
  • Poor range, not useful for what i bought it for
  • But suddenly stopped working.. the blue light and everything is fine..tries replacing battery and still same problem..it’s bad for such an expensive product read the comments later and figured out.. it has happened with a lot of customers.. please avoid buying.
  • This is product of very poor quality, it stopped working within 4 weeks of buying.
  • Only that it starts ringing when electricity comes back after a power cut so it becomes difficult to understand if someone is at the door or it is just ringing otherwise.
  • In two days product stoped working.very pathetic quality.
  • This stupid calling bell has worked for 11 days… the just one day ahead for the returning product policy… couldn’t return or replace.
  • Failed to work and had to refund it.

Product Description

LOKZA WA659 SINGLE Wireless Doorbell: The WA659 Plug-in Wireless Door Chime and Push Button makes it simple to change your home's generic doorbell ring with a chime tune that better fits your specific style.Plugs into Any Requirement Wall Outlet: Easy to install and run, it plugs into any basic wall outlet. Utilize it for front, side, or back doors to gain security and peace of mind.4 Volume LevelsYou'll be happy to understand that you have the option of turning the chime down or up-- a terrific option for various environment.820 f Running Variety: Thanks to its industry-leading 820-foot working range, you'll be sure never ever to miss out on a visitor's arrival no matter where you are.

Key Features

  • Operating range of over 820 feet. (1000 feet in open area). Remote transmitter button is rated IP33 weatherproof and acceptable for outdoor use.
  • Easily plug receiver into an electrical outlet (no batteries required for main receiver). Blue LED flashes when someone is at the door
  • 32 different ring tones. Four levels of adjustable volume from 25db to 110db.
  • Push button can be fixed to the doorframe with screws, or attached using double-sided adhesive tapes
  • Package contents: Lokza 1 battery operated transmitter and 1 Plug-in Receiver. Free lifetime technical support and 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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