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Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic, Crisp Vocals & Rich Bass, Tangle-Free Cable, One Touch Voice Assistant Blue Complete Review

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Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones with Mic, Crisp Vocals & Rich Bass, Tangle-Free Cable, One Touch Voice Assistant Blue Complete Review

Bass quality
Noise cancellation
Sound quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • It has a punchy bass also has a great sound separation it’s the perfect for every type of music ( below ?2000 earphones ) if you like melody or sad songs, u can enjoy it smoothly if you are a pop or heavy bass lover, it can be a perfect choice for u it’s blue colour is awesome it’s braided wire is thick enough for long lasting and also tangled free go for it without any doubt.
  • Very nice earphones very good quality sound it gives the feel of theatre , it has a rich bass it is perfect earphones for good music listener it is value for money
  • I have found my some friends using skullcandy inkd, sennheiser,jbl saying they find hard to listen and discriminate thru my earphones while some of my other friends including me find these quite pleasing to our ears while i can assure you that if you have had chance of listening to above mentioned earphones and found them to be little painful to then you should try this one so they can be best earphones in under 1000 rupees.i can tell difference that one driver is creating very clear sound although it have given very balanced bass which is good it is not giving any unnecessary bass if song is full of bass it will provide you with punchy bass……in the end you can’t complain anything at this price….also remember it is under 800 rupees and providing dual driver not at best of dual driver but other will provide similar sorround sound experience above 2000 rupees……i hope it helped…..and for your information i have used more then dozen earphones and so far it justify it’s price….you won’t complain…..
  • Mi dual driver + redmi k20 pro alpha = sweet vocal + thumbesed power full strong rich deep bass + theatre surrounding sound + every instrumental details for any songs.full value for money and faaaar better than realme buds 2.
  • For those who are looking for bass type earphones like cx 180 then you might not like it but still it has good bass and the sound clarity is also very good.
  • Build quality is awesome, enjoying it’s real bass, good quality of wire and comfortable to wear.
  • An awesome earphones with great sound quality and you won’t get disappointed for sure
  • The best earphone under 800 .. bass – 7.5/10 but satisfied treble – 8/10 vocals – 9/10 loudness 7.5/10 but no distortion at all build quality 8.5/10 specially for rough user like me for music & pubg lover- buy it blindly, you will not going to regret…
  • If you have used or own a one more piston fit earphones in the past and assuming you enjoyed it and then you are definitely going to enjoy this one too.
  • You can easisily hear the foot has awesome vocal and rich bass…..this is the best earphone under rs.800..i had used boat basshead 225,jbl c100si,c200si and sennhisier x150..and i can say that this can beat every earphone except jbl c200si.but both are very similar in sound.but jbl doesnt come with l-shaped jack…guys just go for it..and if your budget is a few low then go for realme buds2.
  • Its better than jbl and i’m not kidding that would be great choice for listening songs and for gaming its a gift by god for this price .
  • Try different buds include in the box to find which fits perfectly because it makes a huge difference, for me large make them sound much better because it fits well.
  • But, if you can extend the budget for upto 700 or 800, then mi dynamic bass earphones are the best, considering well balanced sound quality.
  • One thing that mi dual driver does better is retaining the minute details in the music and it also does a better job if you play a song at high volume as the sound doesn’t get distorted which is bit of an issue with the realme buds 2.
  • Great audio output,i have compared with mi earphones basic which cost 399 ,i also compared with skull candy earphones pricing around 800, sennheiser,boat but this earphones beat them all… tip- if you use redmi note 8 pro then in settings/headphones and audio effects select mi headphones to get best output..

Top Negative Reviews

  • So i have broken about 84000 earphones by now and was scared to invest more than 200 bucks on them ever because of my terrible history with them.a frnd suggested these(shout out to mah boi who shall remain unnamed coz i am the star here i spent the money) and i bought em.hav been using em fr a month now and life has never been the same again.
  • This earphones are not that high quality becoz i connected to quad 32 bit amplifier in theory it must sound good but practically it is opposite to these buds why i dont know left ear bud is buzzing i thought it is my product problem so i replaced still i see the same buzzing sound in left bud, maybe it is design problem finally i say if you plan to buy these use for low end phones or low end devices, i don’t suggest for high end phones or any amplifiers also and mainly it is only made for music not for gaming final review bass is good mids, vocals are ok but high volume mixes all and highs are swallowed by driver not that great i am an audiophile though.
  • When the fit is poor it fails to block the outside noise as too.
  • I have had plenty of earphones over the years and this one is the worst sounding one!
  • New thing in this earphones is that you can listen to many other background sounds( instruments) when compared to other earphones but it is not that suited when you listen to edm, dubstep and trap l. it makes those music noisy.
  • This earphone is worst in the market in its base , treble is also very much low grade like local made ones , available in only local shop.
  • Due to their metal body , sometimes they hurt in the ears !
  • Good but not the best for its price
  • While others(like me) who find hard to listen through high treble earphones which hurts ear after few minutes of using.
  • Not too high but bass is there in the music when you need it but i would say vocal area is not that good as i thought it would be for the dual drivers!
  • This part is more susceptible to breaking, especially at the earbuds end where we ususally have the second most common point of failure.

Product Description

Mi Double Drivers In-ear Earphones are the finest for immersive audio experience with dual vibrant drivers for effective bass and crisp treble. It has Passive Noise cancellation, that obstructs out the unwanted ambient sound to provide an unrivaled acoustic experience, letting you enjoy your music, audiobooks, and motion pictures at all volume levels.

Key Features

  • The dual dynamic driver structure brings a quality sound experience with the drivers delivering rich bass and crisp treble
  • Dual drivers ensure low distortion and focus on all frequencies to deliver the complete sound experience whereas a single driver focuses on a single frequency range and distorts at high volumes
  • 10mm & 8mm Dynamic Drivers which produces Crisp Vocals & Rich Bass
  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  • 3-button operation for better convenience and operability. Trigger the voice assistant by long pressing the play/pause button
  • Magnetic Earbuds
  • Tangle-Free Braided Cable

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