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Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones with Super Powerful Bass, Up to 20 Hours Battery Life, Bluetooth 5.0 Black and Red Complete Review

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Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones with Super Powerful Bass, Up to 20 Hours Battery Life, Bluetooth 5.0 Black and Red Complete Review

Bass quality
Bluetooth connectivity
Noise cancellation
Sound quality

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • For this price range they are really good, 1.bass is very good, better than samsung akg 2.most important factor, the battery backup is incredible, used for may b 4 hours and battery went down by just 20% 3. wired and wireless options are delight and there is difference in sound also as wired one gives way better sound overall i am really happy with my purchase
  • The sound quality is pretty good with great amounts of bass and amazing sound clarity.
  • Overall, i am super happy with these and i think i might buy a few more for friends and family!
  • Review after 7 days for day to days it is good and value for money pros 1.good sound 3.material 4.i got 1499 so best price for it cons: 1.
  • Look wise and comfort wise good.
  • Mi super bass | super value | all rounder | buy it already!
  • Super bass means super bass!!
  • It’s aptly called super bass!even listening to beat boxing is so wow.
  • I like them the mi super bass wireless headphones are primarily built out of plastic while the ear cups are made out of soft foam which will provide for a comfortable fit even when worn for extended periods of time.
  • Firstly let’s discuss the good things, bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and stable bluetooth connection are good qualities of this headset the fact that you can use it as a wired headset also adds versatility to this headset long battery life rounds off the good things about this headset.
  • Firstly i would like to give thanks to mi for providing one of the best sounds.
  • Ear & neck cushions are of good quality, nice and soft, battery(5/5): indeed is amazing.
  • It’s good in terms of comfort but i am definitely buying a bigger pair of serious headphones someday but for this price, in fact, i can easily say there is nothing this, not even close for 4 times the price of this!
  • Pros: -great audio quality for the price -good amount of quality bass -connects with both wireless and wired -light weight -looks great cons: -build quality is average -ear hurts after 30 mins of use.
  • The main part is the sound where it lags alot.there is no thumping or super bass as is with the decent bass with ok ok is not for the audiophiles.mids and lows are little bit muted.and at last yes these are comfortable to wear atleast.

Top Negative Reviews

  • After lot of research i was waiting for an headphone from mi which i was expecting would be light weight , can be used for long time but not good for long time use even for an ear starting paining after 20 to 30 minutes of use.mi disappointed me.
  • Though it’s decent enough for the price, couple of things to think before buying… sound quality is good including bass, but cannot wear it for long duration since it rests on ear and not over, will also start sweating and feel ear pain in sometime as they are not flexible enough which is big negative while on meeting calls, if you open youtube the video starts with audio muted which is good so accidentally sounds don’t come up apart from them it’s a good buy for the price
  • The cusion still hurts as it crushes ears.
  • Sound quality is the worst of all.
  • Can’t use after 30 min ears really hurt; sound quality is average; bass quality is bit over average; bluetooth sucks; not worth the money; only good thing?
  • Even at medium volumes, audio from headphones is audible outside which is very bad.
  • Product looks good but after using it for an hour, i am getting sever ear pain.
  • Sound separation and fidelity suffer while the loud and bass heavy profile stand out.
  • Price 3.bass 4.battery quality dislike- 1.sound (it has punchy bass but it low, mid high etc is untuned and it’s not good for music tho, some of the voices sounds like mic announcements ).
  • The headphones failed to make an impact in my case.
  • Heavy bass in itself does not maketh a great headset.

Product Description

Mi Super Bass Wireless headphones comes with 40mm Dynamic Chauffeur, Super powerful Bass and 20hrs of battery life. The ON Ear earmuffs are made from soundproof material to lower sound leakage and guarantee sound quality, and can be used conveniently for a long period of time.

Key Features

  • BreakTheWire: Up to 20hrs of battery life I Super powerful bass I 40mm Dynamic driver I Pressure less ear muffs I Bluetooth 5.0 I Voice control
  • Up to 20 hours epic battery life: Now listen up to 300 songs uninterrupted on a single charge
  • 40mm dynamic driver: The in-built 40mm high performance large neodymium iron boron unit has a bass output that is deep and impactful. The large voice coils, and large diaphragms recreate the front row rock concert experience. These are designed for the bass head
  • Pressure-less ear muffs: Crafted with soundproof PU material for those who want to listen to music on the go, the soft and cushiony ear muffs reduce strain on your ears. With an adjustable head beam and elastic shafts to rotate the ear muffs, you can customize the listening experience for yourself
  • Connects with Bluetooth 5.0: The new and advanced Bluetooth 5.0 is faster, covers a wider distance and connects to two headphones to stream music from the same phone
  • Voice control activated: Use the voice control function to pick your genre of music, know which song you’re listening to and even make or take important calls
  • Use wired or wireless: Versatile in its conception, the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones can be used wired or wirelessly as you find convenient

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