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Michelin XM2 175/65 R14 Tubeless Car Tyre Complete Review

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32 Reviews
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Michelin XM2 175/65 R14 Tubeless Car Tyre Complete Review


Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Michelin.. the best tires… and once again thank mr mark for registering my details with michelin and for giving 3yrs warranty… just go for it guys… :) the best tires and the best seller – premji tires…
  • Customer support provided by abhishek gupta and others from premji tyres were excellent and i strongly recommend this seller for buying tyres.
  • You’d literally feel your car is just sliding across the road – but rest assured you’re gliding with perfect grip and traction.
  • Amazing tyre for honda amaze!!!
  • 175 65 14 michelin energy xm2 available in market in rupees 4300/- include free fitting, free alignment and wheel balance with 3 year std warranty, manufacture date was week 42 year 2018.
  • Comfort in the cabin with excellent noise cancellation and perfect shock absorption.
  • Very happy with premji seller and satisfied with the purchase
  • Perfect tyres for my i10 grand.
  • They will fit for free.
  • Nice seller.. good quality tyre
  • I fill air every 2 weeks and drive cautiously, and the tyres do have good grip and ride comfort.
  • Best buy price is rs.
  • I do like the tyres, just wish they weren’t so fragile.
  • Great tires… give your ride the update , it deserves..
  • Dry grip is epic – won’t let you screech your way out – superb traction control.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Don’t buy any mischelin tyre it’s third class for off road, i bought 4 tyre’s for my car, two out of them totally damaged within 2 months and no grip on road

Product Description

XM2 tires made to provide the very best performance on Indian roads, offering an ideal match of durability, fuel and security performance.

Key Features

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Fait Punto / Honda City, Jazz
  • Latest generation of tyre
  • Deliver the best performance on Indian roads
  • Attractive tread design
  • Designed to minimize uneven wear
  • Section Width=175,Tire Aspect Ratio=65,Rim Size=14

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