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Microtek EM4160+ Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for AC up to 1.5 ton 160V-285V, Metallic Grey – Digital Display, Wall Mounted Complete Review

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426 Reviews
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Microtek EM4160+ Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for AC up to 1.5 ton 160V-285V, Metallic Grey – Digital Display, Wall Mounted Complete Review

Easy to install
Light weight
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Nice product with great price.
  • For me, i bought it considering that it will increase the electricity as output but surrises to know from the t chnician that for m the range of 200-240 the t bypasses the current which is so funny.
  • Super value for money product.
  • Good for those area where electricity fluctuations is medium..overall good product for all electronics equipment.
  • It is as good as any other popular has over voltage protection…right now i am using it for my treadmill ….the difference between about 29 volts.not trested over load protection.
  • I hope it will help you to choose product for your ac.
  • Superb and damn good product
  • It is easy to install and value for money product.
  • It’s a brand new product, easy to install and value for money stabilizer.
  • There were multiple options but this turned out really good.
  • Good so far, working well.
  • Best stabilizer in reasonable price.
  • Volatge range is best for this price.
  • Automatic voltage display of input and output alternatively is really a amazing feature.
  • The difference might not be too big but you may find good price sometime in local market.

Top Negative Reviews

  • I have order 2pcs for my 0.75 tons two window ac firstly they only drop one unit to me and that unit is not working properly output is only 190 v and my ac need 220 v to run very bad experience
  • Don’t buy its not stabalize only power cut hence low or in high so purpose is not satisfied .
  • There is no instruction manual suggesting the remedy of this problem.
  • C stop with rude dugg dugg duggg sound.
  • I don’t like the clicking sounds it makes in the room when the voltage fluctuates suddenly but that’s a problem with all stabilizers.
  • The first stabilser i received was defective as no current was passing through it.
  • Worst ever voltage stabilizer i’ve ever come across.
  • Body was damaged, not improvement in output voltage, always around only +-~ 20 volt of input voltage, so if ur supply is below 180 volt, this not safe for ur ac, better to buy in local market.
  • Stay away from this product if you are facing low voltage problem in your area
  • My automatic voltage stabilizer has stopped working and has gone defective.
  • Tried to install this for an ac but the electrician recommended i return it as one of the screws for attaching power wires was loose and could not be tightened.

Product Description

Microtek EM4090 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer works by supporting the utility voltage before it is fed to the connected home appliance, so your appliance remains gets just the required voltage. Microtek voltage stabilizer is based on 'Save Power Innovation' and have lots of special functions which allow them to offer high performance and better dependability during regular power cuts and voltage fluctuations, ultimately saving you electricity. Microtek voltage stabilizers come in a range of options for different home appliances and their voltage needs.

Key Features

  • Packer: UNIVERSAL POWER PRODUCT , PLOT NO. 20 & 20B, Sector-2, Parwanoo Distt : Solan HIMACHAL PRADESH 173220 ; +91 7283838383
  • No Plug Top is provided with the product. The product has a three core wire for connecting the Input power to power source and electricians can decide the requirement of plug type

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