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Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker with HD Sound, Booming Bass and 5Watts Peak Output-Red Complete Review

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Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker with HD Sound, Booming Bass and 5Watts Peak Output-Red Complete Review

Bass quality
Battery life
Bluetooth connectivity
Sound quality
Water resistance

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • The speaker is just awesome i can’t even tell you.. pros 1 the volume can go too high in this speaker 2 the sound quality is just fabulous 3 i am just shocked, the base which is offered is too good.. awesome 4 battery life is also very very very good i am able to use this for 4-5 days with (2-3 hrs of use in a day) 5 build quality is also very good 6 it is actually waterproof.
  • It’s really good for partying anywhere and gives you great sound quality and is easy to travel with loudness – the loudness of the speaker is very good the music is easily audible from one corner to another even in big rooms.
  • I can justify that…. -> best sound quality (equal to jbl flip 4) -> best battery with 800mah (4-5 hrs at 70% vol) -> pocket sized speaker (flip 4 is not) -> water resistant ip 67 – what can i say more than that… -> pair with another roam for stereo speakers -> awesome build quality with fabric finish these are some awesome things i experienced in this mivi roam.
  • Portable – the speaker is very easy to travel with so you can party anytime anywhere or just listen to your favourite song anywhere water and dust resistant – you don’t need to worry about the splashes of water or dust while partying the water and dust has no effect on this , it’s resistance to both of them is really good allowing you to party freely.
  • I just love the mivi warranty, it is outstanding cons: i didn’t find any, it is more than what i expected in this price range i hope this review helps :)
  • Quick review of mivi roam bluetooth speaker a speaker is said to be good if it sounds good but for a bluetooth speaker to be good there are other factors apart from sound need to be good like battery life and etc..
  • Final comment- if you are planning to purchase a bluetooth speaker with great sound quality, excellent loudness and waterproofing, this is a great choice.
  • Great sound, good vocal, good bass, good treble, amazingly balanced.
  • Really impressed by its size, its beast as the sound is loud and great for a small room and works great for an individual.
  • There is something special an external experience, when you listen from mivi rome bluetooth speaker i have been using mivi product from laat 1 year and i have to say the quality and the productivity is very nice the customer service representative is also very friendly and can solve your problem with friendly manner.
  • It comes with an ip67 waterproof rating which is great and makes it useful for pool parties as well.
  • 6.great battery life, i got around 4-5 hours of playback time with 100% volume, which is just great has an inbuilt mic that means you can take calls with it and the voice clarity is perfect.
  • Carrying this speaker around on my day-to-day adventures and day outs in the city is a sheer delight and an umpteen joy to my soul.
  • Audio quality : —————- in case of mivi roam the audio quality seems to be really good it has good bass, clear vocals, smooth treble, instrument sounds are well produced, no distortion at high volumes and surprisingly volume output is really loud than what we expect.
  • My brother was pretty happy to take calls on the speaker itself thanks to the touch adaptive controls and built-in mic.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Cons 1 as the base is high, this sometimes do injustice with the music as volume goes down with the high base ( only when the volume is full ) otherwise at 80% volume there’s no such issue 2 as it is fully waterproof so the buttons are inside the rubberish back.. bcz of that it is little difficult to press those buttons as the speaker is also round.
  • Worst product.. stopped working complete after 15 days(after return period)
  • Really getting annoyed with these poor design concepts.
  • Stopped getting charged in 2 weeks after purchase and dont have a return option now..its a loss,very disappointed
  • Worst product, never go with youtube review about product
  • So in terms of battery life it is good but not the best.
  • Example: i switch it on and pair, and literally few seconds later it will switch off, even though it’s battery is full or its on charging, the buttons are also very hard to press, i do not recommend this product
  • This tiny size bad boy is ip67 waterproof and if you have 2 of them you can enhance your music experience in stereo mode.
  • My only niggles are: 1) the buttons are badly place, hard to see and harder to press.
  • Trebles are good but not great 2.
  • Sick, if my friend’s phone is connected.
  • Another pain is volume level will be at zero or very minimum when you power on the speaker.
  • Cons first # if you keep the speaker idle for some time, less than half an hour, it turns off, really irritating # you have to disconnect the connected device from device to pair a new phone.

Product Description

To enjoy a better sound experience, the cordless stereo with Bluetooth 5.0, lets you connect 2 speakers at once.It is dust and splash resistant (IP67) for you to enjoy your music devoid of concern. Compactly constructed speaker lets you delight in a seamless music experience.

Key Features

  • Super Solid Bass: Powerful, best-in-class 5Watt drivers that deliver optimum sound.
  • Touch adaptive controls: Control your playtime with adaptive touch controls on the speaker.
  • True Wireless Stereo: Pair two speakers to deliver 2X sound and extra-powerful left and right speakers.
  • Splash resistant: Dust and splash resistant (IP67) design for a worry-free playtime.
  • Play it on and on: Lithium-polymer battery lets you enjoy up to six hours of playtime (at 70% Volume)

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