Noise Shots NUVO True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth v5.0 with HD Sound and Fast Charging Stealth Black Complete Review

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Noise Shots NUVO True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth v5.0 with HD Sound and Fast Charging Stealth Black Complete Review

Bass quality
Battery life
Noise cancellation
Sound quality

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • The product very good but the chargering case i little big battery life is very great sounds quality is good u can easily register ur product it has given me better experience i am happy with the product earbud fitting is excellent but hook r useless the is the problem with him the product is excellent
  • Amazing product worth the money the sound is perfect the bass is great haven’t played many bass boosted songs but the ones i did it played very well noise cancellation i suggest don’t wear both earpieces if you’re around people who are talkative because you won’t be able to hear anything they say it is amazing i love it and the controls on the pieces is a button on the earpiece (took me a while to figure it out) overall amazing product for rs.
  • Really very good product, i bought it one month before, daily maximum 4 to 5 hours i will listen to music i feel really comfortable in-ear, noise reduction is very good and base quality is also nice as a base lover i really liked it and comes to battery back up once if you fully charged then u can use it for 5 hours or more than that based on you volume that you’re going to use.
  • It was a good product i am writing this review after using it for a week or two it’s bass quality could have been improved the noise cancellation was fine but if the bass was a bit more better it could have been an amazing product.
  • They sound fantastic, the look great, and the feel very comfortable.
  • Honest review-been using it now for a 6 days and the full charge lasted till now, yeah i’d say it worked about 31 hrs or so.. great partition between noise.. tbe base is not crazy bit crispy.
  • Noise company is good… but my order product was not good quality sound and battery life is not good….. it’s a bad earbuds given to me… please good quality products deliver and refund my account immediately please i’m ordering new product
  • I am really happy to choose nuvo after a long research on good truly wireless earbuds.
  • It’s very comfortable in our ears it gives you nice music and the base is very good.
  • Best product till used best product under money .
  • The sound quality of this product is very good as well as bass quality also good.
  • Apart from that battery works like a charm and amidst the lockdown, i am heavily reliant on this and it works good for me.
  • Premium looking compact device with good sound quality.. good value for money.. go for it..
  • Best truly wireless earphones you can buy.
  • When you pick up any calls…make sure you are not lying about where you are..bcz it delivers even the slightest noise in the ambient environment..more than your voice….it’s your neighbor’s that is actually heard.its just noise in music that you gonna hear..try pumping up the volume in vlc player while listening to a song or movie…ear phones gives can’t handle the it’s better to stick with a cheaper wired option than investing on this product

Top Negative Reviews

  • During these unprecedented times, when every parent is struggling to make both ends meet ( due to pay cuts in the salary and the forced expenditure on gadgets due to the online classes being conducted by schools ) i, too, was forced to purchase good quality earbuds for my child.
  • And the worst part is the mic quality is poor, the caller won’t be able to hear your voice.
  • At times a specific bud is absolutely dead with no sound for 4-5 seconds.
  • Coz, it fits somehow ok in the ears, always scared to lose coz during walk and vibration it feels loose, audio is bad coz there is no balance in it, music seems like noise, haha noise!
  • Don’t order this, it’s real bad product, total waste of money, better to get it from some store rather than wasting your money on it.
  • Also, control buttons are too stiff and have to press too hard which makes our ear uncomfortable and painful too.
  • And the mic, how it can be soo bad, i have called from my galaxy note 8 and i kept repeating what i was saying, you have to shout to speak to the other person, and let me clear, the controls are not touch but buttons, you need to press it and it feels very irritating when it presses the buds inside.
  • Worst product.. 1) multiple audio not working(u can’t listen to music when ur in meeting) 2)not working for zoom meeting calls 3) playback time is less than specified 4) connectivity issues like it will show as connected but still audio comes from speakers, have to reconnect several times 5) music quality is also not so good
  • In 3000rs, its best feature is true wireless, except that this earbuds worth nothing, connectivity is fine but when it comes to its true work, the audio, it turns out so bad that i will not love to use my wired tangled earphones rather than these.
  • I know is not pricey, but the sound coming out is so so bad…. little less costlier item from portronics is much better in all aspects… very very bad experience… i have opened the package, so can not get a refund… but the item itself is so inefficient… no matter the replacement, its not working great… even the mic is very bad… one side mic is already not working 2 hours since received…
  • Unfortunately, my choice of product proved otherwise as am having problems with it!
  • I had the worst experience on a bluetooth headset.
  • This is one of the worst product i received.
  • One of the worst headphone.. unable to return it.
  • After realizing the sound quality is degraded the return date wss expired and i am stuck with the earbuds forever.

Product Description

Shots Nuvo are an excellent looking, fast charging set of wireless earphones that have all the advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 like fast auto-pairing, enhanced cordless range, longer battery life and much better audio quality. These are an excellent pair of earphones for anybody with a Bluetooth 5.0 made it possible for phone, wanting to go cordless.

Key Features

  • If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Get 1 year assured warranty from NOISE. Manage your claims 24×7 by writing us directly at For product related queries please reach out to us at +918882132132 or
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with QuickPair technology: Enjoy faster pairing, better range and more stable wireless connections
  • Fast Charging: Just 10 minutes of charging enables 80 minutes of playtime
  • 32 Hours of total playback with 800 mah charging case
  • Featherlight Earbuds: Stay in your ears securely and are comfortable enough for all day wear & listening
  • Hi-Fi Sound: Enjoy crisp, high fidelity sound powered by cutting edge Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Multi-Functional Button: Adjust volume, manage calls & control playback, all from the controls on the Shots Nuvo earbuds

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