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OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic Green Complete Review

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3441 Reviews
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OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic Green Complete Review

Bass quality
Battery life
Noise cancellation
Sound quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Battery life is about 9 to 10 hours, ldac only supported for high end phone like oneplus7,samsung s series , k20 pro, even though can’t notice that much of difference, ldac gives 10% highs and vocals than normal when used with k20 pro , when coming to sound volume, you will get disappointed ,as i generally use my earphones at 40 to 50% volume but this you should have to keep at least 60% in closed room and all balanced, 70 to 80% in roads, 90% in taffic, even bass mode cannot be so excellent, i felt ptron tws @999 rs is the best with at only 40% volume, for the bass and noise cancellation you cannot even hear opposite shouting also , best go to ptron tws @999 rs pro – passive noise cancellation in calls only and while driving ( 70% air noise is cancelled), premium look and sleek design, comfort fitting better if you are a indoor user and women , simply go for it, and bass lovers don’t even look at it, i go for ptron tws ( bass lovers)
  • At first i thought that it’s too good to be true becoz hi res earphones cost is very high the wired one costs around 3000-4000 rs and the bluetooth one are around 7000-10000 and these headphone costs 2000 rs and i have sennheiser cx 275 , mi dual driver earphones, philips tx1, sony mdr xb75ap, boult earphones boat rockers 400 and sound magic e10c and these headphone sound the best every instrument every vocal is very clear and bass is very deep and smooth, (if you are an baashead and love only bass then go for boat rockers 255) if you are an audiophile then these earphones will not disappoint you.
  • Amazing sounding earphones very comfortable to wear lightweight after few minutes you will not feel your earphones in your ear connectivity is seamless multifunction key helps to switch audio profile balance to bass and also this earphone can switch between devices by pressing both volume buttons battery life is good i mean since i don’t use it too often it’s giving me one full working day of battery life gives me around 8-9 hours for me sound quality matters more than battery life oppo has nailed in sound quality
  • So certainly a very good earphone in terms of people who loves listening to music and in fact it has dual aound signature one is neutral i would say what purest like but we indians like excessive bass with just one tap of a button it transformed into a completely different headset and that is something that i really appreciated on this one.
  • Feather light 4 passive noise cancelation is pretty good 5 bass mode is pretty good!
  • Guys .but you really love bass in bass mode and specially in power amp app.. magnetic are more powerful.
  • The mic on oppo is far better than realme, it does pickup some background noise but i phoned my friend and he said that mic is very good… about the battery, i charged my m31 at noon and has been using it since then and am pretty sure it will last till tomorrow noon….
  • If you are sot of music lover i would definitely say the oppo one definitely better and if would rating i would rated as highest 9 out of 10.
  • Infact instruments clarity the clarity was very good on this one and even the the sound stage and overall the sound stage was good.
  • The sound along with ldac is the main reason i went for these over the oneplus bullets z and to be honest it sounds very good.the highs are crystal clear,mids are very good and detailed,coming to the bass, it is also present and neither feels too boomy or too flat,just perfect.
  • But hey, no model is perfect, at least the sound quality on this is remarkable and i’m very happy with that.
  • 6 extremely comfortable 7 call quality is pretty good too!
  • Ok guys am not an audiophile just a casual music lover .my prioritys before purchasing a wireless headset were, decent bass, good mic and decent battery backup..
  • Coming to the battery its almost the half of oneplus and i don’t mind it as no one is gonna listen for 20 hrs straight and 10 hrs is quite good for a wireless earphone.the connection is pretty stable and u can easily travel a distance of 2 rooms in between.
  • Great sound and great design!

Top Negative Reviews

  • I am not saying it’s sound not good but it is not the best in sound quality.
  • Generally with some of the bluetooth headsets the microphone quality isn’t good other parties says that the voice isn’t clear.
  • If you want to buy something for balanced sound and have no issues with lack of bass, go for it also note that battery life sucks.
  • While paired with my laptop which supports bt 5.0 and watching content from netflix, youtube or primevideo , there’s an unacceptable amount of lag, as a result watching online content from laptop is simply annoying.
  • Iii) not as bassy as 12 mm driver unit sony earphones but sony xb earphones can hurt your ear on prolonged hearing due to so much bass.
  • Oppo has killed it with this one.
  • Oppo murdered realme buds & oneplus z
  • Worst product mic not working
  • It keeps on falling and was very irritating.
  • Pathetic piece of earphones, the mic did not work at all during the calls.
  • Sound delay by calling time,gameing i mean pubg 1.5 sec delay and any one don’t have ldac bass mode not working 3d hall sound and normal mode 3d sound if you don’t turn on ldac.
  • I would cut marks because of slight latency and hence it wouldn’t be good for gamers and also battery life is just about 6 to 7hrs.
  • That’s extremely sad because i had ordered them for exact same reason.
  • 3- not great in terms of battery.

Product Description

High-Resolution sound quality: LDAC is a kind of coding technology that can transmit HD audio wirelessly.It can send about 3 times the data of common Bluetooth audio, enabling users to delight in Hi-Res audio. 9.2 mm full-range dynamic speaker unit.Two modes: Balance mode and Bass mode, appropriate for different scenarios.Adopts the industry's sophisticated uplink sound reduction AI algorithm technology.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all Android & iOS Smartphones.
  • 10-minute charge gives 180 minutes of music playback. A single charge provides 12 hours of music playback.
  • AI-powered noise reduction during calls which blocks all the outside noise.
  • Lightweight (22 g), skin friendly and comfortable liquid silicon neckband.
  • 9.2 mm full range dynamic speaker provides clear sound & powerful bass. Certified Hi-Res Wireless Audio.
  • IPX5 rating : Water and Dust resistant
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty. Customer Care No. 1800 103 2777

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