Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray Blue Complete Review

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Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray Blue Complete Review

Temperature control
Easy to use
Quality of material
Temperature control

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • ••••••••••••••• inside box ••••••••••••••• •steam iron inside a poly pack •instruction leaflet/warranty card ••••••••• about ••••••••• •wattage: 1440 watt •weight: ~1 kg •water capacity: 180 ml •cord length: 1.8 meter •indicator: on/off (based on temperature setting) •max water level marking •warranty: 2 years ••••••• pros ••••••• 1• good iron with super continuous steam shots(17g/min) 2• body made with solid plastic and lightweight and great finish overall at this range.
  • Great quality and superb features and comfort.
  • But yes you can always trust philips… had really good experience with their products so far…
  • Looks good in hand, easy to iron.
  • I started to realize how owning a good iron is good for your clothes and also how can they save time.
  • This is working really nice and at this price this is definitely a very good product.
  • Suits all type of cloths better to keep the temp little.lower than recommended, like of it is a cotton cloth don’t keep the knob on cotton keep at a little less temp than cotton trying ironing and if required increase the temp.
  • Great built quality, had a later for an year before this and the water leaked in that and this is very good in terms of built quality, ironing is quick and fast, water spray jet is my factor is part as it just sprinkle s like droplets of mist though did not use the steam much.
  • Loved its design abd looks… blue nd white just makes it look sexy n cool….
  • Iron is good and the streaming functionality works perfectly.
  • A good product at a great price i got this at independence day sale at 1399.
  • Superb cool looking hot dude
  • Great product buy without a doubt, using it since an year
  • Gently clean soleplate and don’t use any hard material or chemicals.
  • had been using philips gc 1010 for 6 yrs now without any issues and now seems needed to change the plate and hence went for this model but not up to mark … does not generate steam at all .. cotton clothes continues to be wrinkled even after ironing and hence returns this product and ordered gc 1010 again green colour which is fantastic

Top Negative Reviews

  • Wonder they are rejected containers picked up from the factory and being sold online for full price, hence i prove my point the failure rate seen here in the reviews.
  • Bad quality. stopped working after a few months. avoid it.
  • I am rating it poor, only because it is not easy to use.
  • Bad i purchased this product in nov 2018 and today is 1 july 2019 when this product stopped working.
  • : it isn’t the best, surprising not so smooth with all the linished and the heritagious coats the surface is feels cheaper than a non stick pan and has uneven coating onto it, i wonder if that is that linished means.
  • Emptying water tank every time after usage is recommended to avoid scaling problem.
  • Last but most important, use a properly earthed wall socket for iron to avoid shocks.
  • The bottom back edge is lil sharp so it will crush the cloth if not used care fully.
  • It’s steam settings nob is not good, it easily comes off.
  • As these cords tend to develop sharp irrecoverable turns over time and those are hot zones for cable failure.
  • 2) on close inspection we can see that the finishing of the plastic parts are not that great especially given the high cost.

Product Description

Soleplate: Linished Continuous steam output: Yes Continuous steam output: 17 g/min Variable steam settings: Yes Steam suggestion: Yes Power: 1440 W Water tank capacity: 180 ml Filling and emptying water: Sideways opening door, Extra large filling hole Power cord length: 1.8 m Cable flexibility (swivel): 180 degree cable freedom Ideal for faucet water: Yes Calc tidy option: Self clean Voltage: 240 V Frequency: 50 Hz

Key Features

  • To Prevent Water Leakage, keep the iron horizontal when not in use, do not fill water completely, leave some gap and wait for some time for the iron to heat up before using the iron
  • Easy and super fast filling of the watertank,Easy and super fast emptying of the watertank,A fine spray evenly moistens the fabric
  • Continuous steam output up to 13 g/min,Aluminium soleplate for easy gliding on all fabrics. Steam Burst: Yes, Variable steam settings: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years on product,Power: 1440 watts ; Power Input: 240V and Frequency: 50 Hz ; Water tank capacity: 180ml ; Power cord length: 1.8m ; Calc clean solution: Self clean
  • Knob should always be at no steam position when product is not in use. Second and third setting is used only when soleplate is hot. Otherwise leakage will happen

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