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Pioneer TS-A940FH 4-Way Car Speakers Black Complete Review

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41 Reviews
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Pioneer TS-A940FH 4-Way Car Speakers Black Complete Review

Sound quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Value for money, working fine, sound quality good.
  • Audio quality: with respect to audio quality, i feel they are ok level.
  • Best sound quality with bass
  • Edit#1: ok, i gotta say speakers are much better than what i’ve written above.
  • Awesome sound quality with deep bass effect.
  • Amazing experience for what you pay.
  • Of course i know this speaker can’t replace a subwoofer, but the natural sound from these lacks depth and the shallow sound lacks the punch (personal preference, individual experiences may differ).

Top Negative Reviews

  • Waste of time and waste of money
  • Only after 6 months of use in which i have not driven the car due to lockdown one speaker started giving distorted sounds, very pathetic.

Product Description

Looking for some powerful music in your cars and truck, these oval speakers with a deep basket is the ideal option. Contributing to its impeccable sound reproduction is its brand-new impp cone, elastic polymer surround, in proportion and long voice coil and the new industrialized magnetic circuit. Open and smooth sound principle delivers open staging and smooth transition of chauffeur response to offer the supreme in-car noise. The new, stiff carbon and mica reinforced impp cone and flexible polymer surround supply quicker action and greater level of sensitivity produces rich and deep bass noise. A new magnetic circuit and a long and symmetrical voice coil make both rich bass and low distortion possible.

Key Features

  • Years of research and state-of-art production facilities is our secret behind every pioneer speaker’s quality sound reproduction
  • Full covered grille: This prevents a physical damage and deliver a reliability and high endurance
  • Deep basket: Increase power output with high durability, for the bass lover in you
  • Elastic polymer surround: Cone surround is made of elastic polymer for better response sound and durability
  • Larger magnet: Redesigned magnet with larger size for more power to drive voice coil
  • Country of Origin: China

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