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Pioneer TS-WH500A 150 Watts Active Underseat Subwoofer Black Complete Review

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98 Reviews
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Pioneer TS-WH500A 150 Watts Active Underseat Subwoofer Black Complete Review

Sound quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • The product is good, but who like to keep it to minimum so sound celerity is ok, the installation process just took 1 hour, the kit consists all the required wiring and fitment, overall the product was good it saves place with a decent sound
  • I would recommend dev as he did his best to provide all the documentation and it is a perfect product for my requirements.
  • First off i am very pleased with the way this active sub sounds , i have it connected to my stock head unit rns 510 satnav in my vw golf gtd mk 6 & it sounds nice & tight, one thing i will say is that it does not fit under the seat like was advertised that was the main reason i bought it.
  • Really helps to fill in the low end of the system and im super happy with it.
  • The speaker itself seems like it wouldn’t make enough sound to even be noticeable, but once you find the right settings for your cabin, it should put a smile on your face from how much better your stereo sounds.
  • I am truly amazed at the volume and the clarity this little thing puts out.
  • I had fixed it in my maruti ritz… sound is really superb and cool…no hazzle noices….its simply perfect…i enjoy my rides
  • People who like to save place and like decent sound
  • It fits perfectly under the seat and is very snug, so i did not feel the need to secure it down.
  • Great sound quality and value for the money.
  • I’m very happy with it & would recommend it to anyone .
  • Very good product ,and very good seller
  • Best underseat woofer powerful bass, better powerful than jbl underseat woofer, sound is clear but little low but bass is very high, can’t compare with any car underseat woofer..
  • That is critical, and cranking that up all the way makes the sub pretty good, and it did not distort at all.
  • Turned the gain to about 12 o/clock, and the frequency to somewhere about 90 hz.i would not recommend turning up the gain much beyond half for most songs because when you do, you get more of that hollow “whop,” type sound.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Ich hatte vorher in meinem alten mps eine bose anlage ab werk gehabt mit der ich sehr zufrieden war, die neue kombination mit dem pioneer subwoofer klingt mindestens genauso gut und stellt mich zufrieden!
  • But no worries there though.
  • Seriously, why the people in here whines about weak bass?
  • What i mean by that is if you don’t understand how subs work and you expect this thing to turn your car into some thumpty-dumpty nonsense that half the neighborhood hears as you drive down the street, you are going to be disappointed and think this thing is a piece of junk.
  • Running with a 120hz crossover point brings you mud, it’s partly from hiding under the seat (and not having free air space), but it’s also from the restricted air space in the box.
  • After you open the box, you’ll need a trip to radio shack (gawd i hate radio shack!)
  • Zusammenfassung: positiv + heftige bass-leistung für seine größe + bass druck kann man durch das komplette auto spüren, ist aber von außen nur dezent wahrnehmbar + subwoofer produziert sehr tiefe frequenzen und ist damit nicht ortbar + einfaches anschließen nach anleitung + sehr kompakte abmessungen mit 340 x 60 x 250 mm + durch das hohe gewicht springt die box bei hoher lautstärker nicht rum + sehr gute verarbeitung bzw.
  • Da hier die 12 volt dose nur bei eingeschalteter zündung mit strom beliefert wird, benötigt man kein acc bzw, remote signal vom radio.
  • Der subwoofer passt nach kleinen anpassungen am styropor auch in die ablage des kofferraums und liegt nicht irgendwo im auto oder unter den sitzen rum.
  • Das ist auch unglaublich was aus so einer kleinen box für tiefe bass frequenzen produziert wird, sodass man den subwoofer nicht orten kann und die musik richtig kraftvoll klingt.
  • Aufgrund vorhandener anschlüsse war er schnell verbaut und überraschte mit einem schönen bass der bisher einfach fehlte.
  • Colocado en maletero rellena bien sonido de bajas frecuencias teniendo en cuenta sus características y a pesar de algún comentario leído cuando le das caña sin pasarse es cuando mejor suena.
  • I’m a bass guitar player and tend to be more biased towards the lower registers.
  • Because of the lack of air space in the box, and regardless of pioneer’s “hvt” (horizontal vertical transforming) marketing ballyhoo, this thing just doesn’t like much above 100hz.
  • La calidad y nitidez es muy fluida, no para hacer ruido fuera del vehículo y todos sepan que vas pasando, pero eso no es lo que se busca (cuando menos yo) al comprar algo de calidad como esto.

Product Description

Powered by 2 drivers positioned to drive two cones utilizing the brand-new HVT technology. HVT stands for horizontal-vertical Transforming technology which transforms horizontal motion into vertical motion of a woofer diaphragm to produce a true noise of the chauffeur. A break through technology with an effective amplifier, all developed into a little enclosure providing an unbelievable experience; future is here.

Key Features

  • HVT technology: Pioneer’s revolutionary technology will now change speaker designs forever, with horizontal vertical Transforming technology, small enclosures can create larger than life sounds by converting horizontal into vertical movements resulting in wider low range frequency reproduction
  • Rich ultra-low bass: With the new HVT technology, feel the rich ultra-low bass more vividly
  • Clear sound, less noise: Compared to a traditional subwoofer, the TS-WH500A produces less vibration and less noise
  • Dual driver: Powered by two drivers positioned to drive two cones using the new HVT technology
  • Dual cone: Made of a more rigid material, the smaller cone is also attached to the voice coil for improved high frequencies
  • Country of Origin: China

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