Pioneer TSG1020S – 4″ 2-Way G-Series 210W Coaxial Speakers Black Complete Review

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Pioneer TSG1020S – 4″ 2-Way G-Series 210W Coaxial Speakers Black Complete Review

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Product Description

TSG1020S speakers are outstanding choices to change a bad set of factory 4" speakers. P.F.S.S. spider: Progressive Flex Suspension System supports the voice coil efficiently by dampening the big cone vibration and boosting linearity of sound reproduction. Its soft part makes movement smooth and reproduces clear sound and at excessive input, its difficult part controls excessive vibration and avoids movement error.

Key Features

  • Mica reinforced pulp cone: the mica is mixed into the pulp cone material in precise proportions to optimise cone rigidity and to reproduce impactful bass.
  • Impactful bass: its unique design with long stroke space, powerful motor and long stroke suspension helps it in providing powerful bass and strong sound.
  • Seal of genuinity: years of research & state-of-art production facilities is our secret behind every pioneer speaker’s quality sound reproduction. Our popularity with you has attracted cheap speakers being sold under pioneer brand name. E-flute package has been used to improve package against damage.
  • 210W max: efficiently engineered to handle upto 210w power input from a shallow design
  • Country of Origin: China

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