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Police Hedge Polyester 30 Ltr Black Laptop Stylish Premium Quality Backpack Complete Review

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410 Reviews
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Police Hedge Polyester 30 Ltr Black Laptop Stylish Premium Quality Backpack Complete Review

Security features
Storage Capacity
Value for money
Water resistance

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • It’s majorly water repellent and haven’t really tested the zips water resistant ability but look good at the moment and is a good buy at this price and a good substitute if you are not satisfied by other top brands like nike and adidas.
  • 3) 3rd compartment has more space compared to 4th compartment 4) total compartment are 4 5) water resistance are parts like the bag below police label which is blue colored (black color backpack) 6) light weight 7) laptop compartment fairly padded (not very good protection) 8) good quality shoulder strap, chain and back comfort 9) my bag was manufactured just before a month of my buy.
  • Bag is awesome black colour is sexy af it has enough space to carry ur daily stuff around will fit a large size laptop too 2 bottle pouch on sides i didn’t find any key chain inside
  • Amazing product, good built quality, elegant looking
  • Product is good ok 80% like original company
  • It was nice build quality, lightweight and chain quality is good for gentle use.
  • Am loving the quality, elegance and looks of this bag.
  • Good deal for 1500. best for casual uses and short travels. no rain cover for me
  • Nice design, size is perfect for it professionals, sufficient pockets.
  • Tjis bag is great value product.
  • Nice design, size is perfect for it professionals
  • Product is good but the manufactured company is other ( not police company) as company is original police bought , but not from other local place prepared.
  • Dont make any confusion just busy it and love it this is my experience.
  • The product is good and size is also good, but some customers get rain cover (pics shared on review) with the bag, but i dont get it.
  • The outer material looks like water resistant to a certain extent and any stains or dust can be easily rubbed off with a cloth.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Quality is not so great.
  • As given in reviews people have received a rain cover for bag but i haven’t received any… also quality not like original.
  • Product is no doubt gud in terms of looks n its usability.
  • I can get this kind of fake product in retail shop for more less price!
  • This was my second order and i am very disappointed with the product quality… straps were torned out…
  • And the chest strap, the design was like “what the hell!

Product Description

Key Features

  • PRODUCT FEATURES: This Police 15.6 inch backpack for men is made up of durable and Premium Quality. It is Lightweight and comfortable to carry with adjustable padded straps. This Backpack has decent capacity to store essentials with inside zipper pockets to put your private or valuable items. It also has Zipper closure for handy access. It is perfect for business, travelling, meeting, shopping and daily use.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP: Each Police bag is aesthetically designed and hand crafted by expert smiths to ensure consistent superior quality and high value for customers.
  • UTILITY: Great pick for casual as well as formal use. It is thoughtfully designed to be used by youngsters, teens and business professionals. Both men and women can use it for their day to day activities. This Superior quality Backpack is masterfully sewed with strong lining to ensure long lasting durability. Indulge yourself into the style and sophistication along with the comfort offered by Police Bags. Perfect gifting item for different occasions on New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: This bag goes through stringent 3-Step Quality Check Process before it is delivered to you. We also provide hassle free refund or replacement as per your requirement.

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