Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer POZ 1.0 Complete Review

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Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer POZ 1.0 Complete Review

Easy to use
Light weight
Value for money

Product Description

Tidy with Ozone Purification Innovation - No more chemicals and pesticides, Eliminates hazardous germs, Keeps food fresh, Deodorizes meat and seafood, Compact Area saving Design, Timer function, Absolutely no maintenance. Can be utilized for Veggies, Fruits, Lentils, Meat and Sea Food. With Prestige Ozoniser as part of our modern kitchen area, we could have health in our hands. It provides a efficient and extremely simple way to cleanse the foods we take in every day ranging from cereals, meats to fruits and vegetables.

Key Features

  • NO MORE CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDES: The Ozone purification Technology removes the chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables while retaining its nutritional value
  • KILLS HARMFUL BACTERIA: The high voltage electricity generates ozone to kill harmful bacteria, germs, fungus and other pathogens; ZERO MAINTENANCE: No part of this product requires replacement and it does not have to be serviced either
  • DEODORIZES MEAT AND SEAFOOD: keeps meat and seafood fresh and clean by removing the odour from them; WARRANTY: 1 Year Brand Prestige Company Warranty. Warranty applies only when purchased from ‘EDN Retail’.
  • KEEPS FOOD FRESH: The Ozoniser restores flavor and taste to the food and extends the food life; TIMER FUNCTION: An automatic timer lets you pre-set the time from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your requirement
  • COMPACT SPACE SAVING DESIGN: The sleek and modern design makes it easily mountable on a wall and can also be placed on a counter. It is also portable, hence can be used from a place of your convenience

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