Protoner Pair of 5kg Each PVC Dumbbells Set Complete Review

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Protoner Pair of 5kg Each PVC Dumbbells Set Complete Review

For beginners
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • I bought it for 289 for 5 kg pair, thats great price very cheap n great
  • Quite disappointed with tat…the material looks fine but may wear of in years…but this product is pretty good 4 a while
  • Possesses good aesthetics, nice grip, ease of cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Best product…. brought them for 330/-.. worth every penny
  • In this price range best product .
  • I got it for 297 in sale and its a great deal.
  • Plastic and cement inside value for money if u don’t wanna waste too much money for show off or want build your biceps u can go with this.
  • I have been using them for years they have been perfect so far
  • Not bad in low budget
  • Not bad for low budget beginners
  • Dented product i would not recommend any one to buy this product.. it looks like its 2nd hand and not new.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Very bad quality product. disappointed!!
  • But the worst part is that one of the dumbbells is already damaged and a little sand came out of it.
  • Very bad i opened packet a bit late after 15 days only to find out one broken in packing itself can’t even return as window closed aweful product don’t buy
  • Shaped of double is not proper bcoz of its poor material it failed to maintain its shape.
  • Send fake and damaged product intensionally
  • The dumbbells are extremely big and non conventional grips such as flower grip etc (used for lower body exercises) might not be the best for a beginner.
  • I have asked for a refund… to miss all the chaos go for a steel one !
  • The plastic quality is not good and the handle is also very uncomfortable.
  • Very bad quality and packaging!
  • This is a plastic dumb bell… and its filled with stones inside .. but even that is not a problem but it was broken .. the moment i tried to lift it small sand particles are coming out and there are few rocks which are peeping !!
  • It is filled with sand, and you can hear it while exercising.if you can prevent it from dropping then no problem.
  • Very bad quality of product
  • The product is of very bad quality.
  • Product is not of good quality, only the outer part of the dumbbell is pvc, inside it is filled with small stone gravel.
  • After opening the package, i found 2 very dirty dumbbells.

Product Description

Key Features

  • 5kg Each 2 PVC dumbbells
  • A combination of gym equipments for the perfect workout
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • A perfect muscle builder
  • Material: Pvc
  • In-Box Contents: 5kg Each 2 Dumbbells
  • Country of Origin: India

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