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Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage Bluetooth Radio Sound System with USB/SD Readers and AM/FM Radio Brown Complete Review

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Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage Bluetooth Radio Sound System with USB/SD Readers and AM/FM Radio Brown Complete Review


Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • This inductive coupling method is great for cleaning up static prone stations and when the radio is designed like this one to give you the best fidelity in the sound department you get the best am listening ever.
  • But: it is beautiful in my house that’s full of antiques, and the dial lighting up in such pretty colors takes me back to my grandparents’ old philco and zenith radios from… well, several decades ago.
  • Love the vintage look, love the bluetooth, usb and sd features, very nice.
  • Looks great and sounds great, and made an old man smile.
  • I haven’t set up the bluetooth because i’m just not that technologically inclined but i am so glad i purchased this handsome, little radio.
  • Highly recommend this, it looks awsome, really looks like an antique and with auxiliary speakers sounds great.
  • Sound is very nice. extremely melodious and clarity is fantastic
  • Sound was great, tuning was responsive and easy.
  • But if you wanna pimp your living room with a beautiful retro piece that works in several modes, this is great!
  • Overall, we’re very happy with the radio, and would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a retro looking radio.
  • I wanted a nice radio with good sound and also that was pleasing to the eye and this has it all.
  • It is beautiful and sounds great.
  • I didnt expect the sound quality to be that good but it was awesome!
  • The fm channel is perfect and the bluetooth is great.
  • Easy to set up, good quality sound, and good reception.

Top Negative Reviews

  • I only use it in aux mode.. not sure who made this dumb brain dead design decision.
  • Very poor reception even dead center on your channel.
  • When set on bluetooth it’s sound a little better but nothing like it should sound for the price of the unit the speakers are small weak and not clear at all .
  • Looks nice, but the radio signal was terrible and the audio from speakers was very static no matter whether listening via radio or bluetooth device.
  • It kept losing the connection and the quality was awful, full of static and distortion.
  • I simply wanted a visually interesting audio solution to spice up my office but the sound quality ended up being so poor, i opted to return it.
  • I’m looking froward to listening to h.g.wells war of the worlds this halloween.
  • Nice looking and has a charger and bluetooth but when it comes to the sound is just bad.
  • I would have given this product five stars but the speaker sound is a bit weak.
  • I will keep it but be ticked every time i use it..
  • The sound quality is horrible.
  • You will be very disappointed if you get this and intend to use it in bluetooth or usb mode and expect the lighted dial to be lit, because it won’t be.
  • My biggest disappointment is about the sound quality however.

Product Description

The Pyle Vintage Radio Sound system combines yesterday's timeless design with today's newest technology. Integrated Bluetooth and full variety stereo speakers enable you to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth device.

Key Features

  • Original Product

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