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Qualimate 10 Stitches 608 Multi-Functional Household Hand Sewing Machine for Home, Electrical Portable Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring Multi-Color Complete Review

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74 Reviews
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Qualimate 10 Stitches 608 Multi-Functional Household Hand Sewing Machine for Home, Electrical Portable Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring Multi-Color Complete Review

Easy to learn
Easy to use
For beginners
Light weight
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • This comes true by this beautiful machine it looks very much good and very good for nem6
  • Excellent sewing machine.home purpose this is good sewing machine, from small stitches to large stitches it’s easy to use it…this product is very good
  • I bought this sewing machine as i love to sew and this sewing machine fits the bill of the perfect one for me.
  • Perfect sewing machine with lots of amazing function
  • Best product for buy… weight of this product is lighter so it’s easy to move… material used in this product is also good..low power use and speed is also good.. price is comfortable..
  • Very easy to use and has got multiple functions making the experience a great one.
  • It has got 10 built in designs and various other useful functions to stitch a great clothing.
  • The product is very user friendly light weight easy to use all time favourite just go fo it
  • Very good nd useful
  • Good looking and easy to use
  • It’s to good easy to use
  • Very good sewing machine with low cost and very useful for beginners.
  • Also for beginners this is the best.
  • But overall best purchase …
  • This product is perfect for the every home as you can use it without any hurdle.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Very bad product and used machine selling, no label qualimate
  • Noisy and very difficult to handle with the thread getting cut by itself.not able to stitch thick clothes as mentioned in the description.
  • Don’t buy this product very bad product.
  • Within 10 days stopped working, waste of money.
  • It makes too much noise and is not at all smooth to stich very very disappointed with this return window is closed as i was mare due to unavoidable busy schedule, or else would have returned it
  • The bad done by us
  • You can’t stitch any little thick items it can only stitch thin clothes and the product quality is also very poor.

Product Description

Key Features

  • 10 Built-In Patterns, Stitch with Double Lines and Double Needles. Free Arm Design Makes Sewing Sleeves, Pant Legs and Cuffs Simple and Fast
  • Forward and Reverse Sewing, Double-Needle Sewing Function, Automatic Winding Function
  • Adjustable Thread Tension Knob Allows You to Sew on Different Materials of Fabric with the Appropriate Tension
  • The Built-in LED Light Provides Well-lit Working Area Which is Especially Useful When Sewing Dark Clothes or Working at Night
  • Sewing Machines for Home Accessories: 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Foot Pedal, 2 x Single Needle, 1 x Double Needle, 1 x Threader, 1 x Spool Pin, 4 x Bobbin, 2 x Bobbin in Machine, 1 x User Manual

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