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Quick Sense Digital 230V AC LED Digital Temperature Controller with Thermocouple Sensor Complete Review

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117 Reviews
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Quick Sense Digital 230V AC LED Digital Temperature Controller with Thermocouple Sensor Complete Review

Easy to install
Temperature control
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • First of all i feel it ia small product and not worth but when i use it i realized that an amazing machine whislch controlls all the activies of temperature controlling i feel very helpful in this product thoigh it is small otcontrolls very properly a nice product i feel very helful and this is very amazing product it is very helpful for me amazing amazing
  • Before ordering this product tried three other cheap circuits which fluctuated a lot this is stable, i could not check the accuracy but seems fine, it better to buy this one than buying other open circuits, iam using this for my homemade incubator, hope it work fine
  • Fantastic product,and easy to program and user friendly
  • Quality best best temperature controller
  • This works perfectly this is a great product
  • I love it’s esye to use n good product i buy more pisese
  • Amazing product and write temperature my room good
  • This is the best temperature controller and is is value for money
  • Awesome temperature controller used for many application !!!
  • Very good product 24 hours active
  • Good product i bought a total 4 of these, it may vary 1-2 degree, for many normal application it is good
  • This product is very helpful in making biotechnological instruments with value for money
  • Product is good value for money
  • product is good and temperature sensor working very well.
  • This product calculate tempareture perfectly

Top Negative Reviews

  • Very very poor quality product
  • No sensor no relay is given

Product Description

Key Features

  • Size: Length 5.5 cm x Width 3.8 cm x Height 3.2cm
  • Voltage: AC 230V, LED Display Color:Red
  • Temperature Control Range: -50-110°C, Output Capacity: 10A
  • This Electrotech Digital Display LED Temperature Controller with Thermocouple Sensor This model is Digital XH-W3001
  • All-Purpose Temperature Controller Thermostat W Sensor AC 220V

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