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Realme Buds Wireless Complete Review

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Realme Buds Wireless Complete Review

Bass quality
Battery life
Bluetooth connectivity
Camera quality
Fingerprint reader
Noise cancellation
Screen quality
Sound quality
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • People who reviewed this product created big hype about this…like this is the best among all the bluetooth headphones..but actual thing is different..there a good things and bad also.. good things:- 1) bluetooth range is awesome….i never seen the connectivity like this on my both previous bluetooth headphones…mivi thunderbeats, boult curvebass 2)the magnet on earpiece is having some function 3)build quality is good not the best bad thing 1) sound quality is not that great…mean if u love bass then think of buying this neverrr.
  • The battery life is an excellent bass.very much better than mi neck band wireless.absoutely excellent in this price range.
  • Wow super bro bass is very good
  • But if you just want premium wireless earphones for casual use like listening music or something like that, then it’s best or else go for other.
  • Superb batery outstanding sound quality awsm bluetooth connection …go for it without any doubt
  • Value for money earphones very comfortable on long use, don’t think for the price this is best you got.
  • Coming to the audio quality, it’s definitely better than my previous ones, so i am happy about the upgrade.
  • The fit in the ear is good and comfortable, and doesn’t come out even if you are taking a brisk walk.
  • Awesome product by realme these earbuds have great sound quality.
  • I have tried many earphones like , samsung flex , level u , sony c310 but realme buds turns out to be a winner… bass is great !
  • Jst been using it for 3-4 hours ..and guys trust ur gonna love this one….the sound quality is superb…have been using the jbl wireless earphones….tis one is miles ahead in terms of sound quality, bass and built quality.
  • Bass is superb, it has a good bass but not exactly punchy, like you can definitely hear the bass very well but you won’t feel it..
  • Trust me don’t buy this earphone if you really a music lover.
  • Final verdict :- well, there are definitely better earphones and neckbands than this.
  • I comfortably use it for 3 days in office with good use of it for music and calls and it easily lasts for 2.5-3 days.

Top Negative Reviews

  • Sometime you will not get balanced music even battery is full charged connectivity is major problem and it does not connect automatically sometime call quality is worst.
  • Reduces 50% of the sound outside without any music on so no doubt will cancel out most of the noise when music is on.
  • The same lag problem was there there is also lag between response to phone pressing the button for pause/play and forward/backward function.
  • The worst part is the lag of sound between phone and earphones.
  • So i give a damn about this product and shame on realme.
  • But they mostly would go unnoticed so no worries.
  • Realme wireless buds have no latency issues, i can confirm that as many had doubts, so no latency on streaming, music videos !
  • Boat looks good has attractive prices but are completely waste very fragile, latency issues & annoying voices.
  • Only complaint, a major one, no type-c!!!!
  • 2)there is no option for color…if u want to use in ur office its color is very funky yellow.. 3)extra ear holding piece not provided 4) button are placed very close to each is very difficult to understand whicj button u pressed..
  • Thought that this product would be something of a killer product with so many ratings.
  • Worst earphone of my life….
  • Worst thing is sound quality.
  • The sound quality of this earphone is worst.
  • Company wishes probably it to be damaged if it is exposed to dirt and water so that we may end up loosing the money and buy another.

Product Description

Invite the brand-new Realme Buds Wireless with a large 11.2 mm bass motorist, giving you an effective bass experience and extraordinary sound quality. Adding a touch of premium to the ultimate sound experience, the Realme Buds Wireless also includes a sophisticated neckband design with high grade elastic memory metal which is likewise skin-friendly.

Key Features

  • 10 minutes of charging gives you 100 minutes of music time. Large 110mAh battery charges completely in 1.5 hours, giving a playback time of up to 12 hours
  • 11.2 mm sound driver capable of producing great bass
  • Built-in magnets: Enjoy magnetic earbuds with auto on and off feature for seamless audio connection
  • Three button remote: Control your music, handle phone calls and even summon Google Assistant with three tactile inline buttons
  • A premiun neckband design along with a tangle free memory metal string ensures a great experience
  • 6 months warranty
  • Customer Care :18001022777

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