Robotouch RideOn Pro Mobile Charger with Fuse for Two Wheeler Complete Review

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Robotouch RideOn Pro Mobile Charger with Fuse for Two Wheeler Complete Review

Charging power
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Excellent product got it on time and already fixed it with my bike working fine and looks good like installed anything extraordinary working good and the main loving feature is only activates while the cable and phone is connected.
  • The logo “robo touch” provides a sense of satisfaction, and assures safety of the devices like even iphone x, which i have put into charge with this, and has been very safe, during my 3000 kms of ride.
  • It is water resistant… easily installed to my rc200.. self locking nut provide my charger from getting stolen… light weight… its a good product and definitely useful for riders..
  • Great product, best charger for bikes.
  • Excellent product and very good return of investment
  • It’s great tried with my iphone 6s keeps phone alive and little slow charging up on google map on.
  • Best mobile charger for bikes. recommend for everyone.
  • I really liked the product and recommend to other users as well
  • The fit and finish is great.
  • Easy to install good build quality i rode continuously in rain for 3 days and charger performed upto expectation.
  • The product is very good. but please guide as to how to install …
  • Thanks robot touch for delivering such a nice product
  • That makes your battery safe and be healthy
  • Easy to fix and remove also helps.
  • Trust me you may find a cheaper one than this but you wont’ find the quality like the robo touch rideon mobile charger

Top Negative Reviews

  • But i really doubt on water resistance and feel bad that there is no power on/off switch.
  • I hate this product not wroth for 850rs and its not water proof and also they are not claiming the warrenty no response at all dont buy this product..its not worth for the money..with in a week it got short circuit ..
  • I connected it directly to the battery without using any switch as it was working only when the device connected to it, it didn’t drop down the battery voltage but had self destructive tendency…
  • Very easy to install and took just 10 mins charges the phone well only drawback is there is no kill switch and works even when the vehicle is off and anyone can just plug in and charge the phone whch could be an issue if your battery is old or low on charge
  • Still it’s working all i can say, anyways i’m switching to bolt now, don’t want to end up with a dead battery in middle of a road trip.
  • After that i bought 1 more for my new bike but unfortunately stopped working after two weeks.
  • But still i want to rate very poor for packing.
  • Worst product, it got burnt after installing my royal enfield.
  • Device stopped working and bike’s battery got damaged
  • Stopped working and damaged my battery with in one week.
  • This product kills my two mobile phone…it is delivering same voltage input and output
  • But the problem is that this charger stops working after some time.
  • Recently i bought another bike and bought this charger again last month, unfortunately today when i checked randomly the charger had stopped working.
  • And the charger went dumb, it got so much heat.

Product Description

Key Features

  • Quick charging of 1500 mAh.
  • Easy installation with no plarity.
  • Three kinds of mounting option(Round Handle, Flat surface, Mirror Rod).
  • Secured: Device Protection, Battery Protection, Overload Protection, Surge Protection.
  • Self-starter charging immediately after device gets connected and overload protection.

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