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Samsung Galaxy Watch Bluetooth, 46 mm – Silver Complete Review

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279 Reviews
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Bluetooth, 46 mm – Silver Complete Review

Battery life
Mobile App
Sleep tracking
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Samsung bring is really a good 4g watch , battery life awesome , it’s look like a watch , lte is a latest function given by samsung for this watch , now samsung bring u this best watch for call , texting , mail , health fitness tracker etc without mobile bluetooth connectivity it’s esim & cellular enabled , u can also call without phone through your earbuds or any bluetooth enabled headphone with the help of network sharing through the same no.
  • – offers pretty much all the features of apple watch/wearos watches, but they hardly last a day, while this one can easily last a few days between charges & that’s why this is the best actual smart watch money can buy in 2020, in my opinion.
  • – great integration with apps, pretty good at multitasking as well, no lags at all.ll – the rotating bezel is the best way to navigate a smartwatch, period.
  • Its bulky but overall loved the clean screen, buttons and the taptic effects.
  • (see images) – great sceen & display – built pretty robust.
  • – hi bixby feature rarely works unless you are in a quiet room – still kind of expensive for a 2018 model, but well, its still one of the best around.
  • Almost track everything including how much sleep we take… and one more amazing feature is … altitude…at what we are at from sea level… :d
  • # its very responsive and has awesome readability in direct sunlight as well.
  • Best in class perfect in daylight or direct sunlight.
  • Apart from looking beautiful, it is helpful as well.
  • Super happy to have this
  • Amazing watch, i have used noise and diesel smartwatch in the past but this just feels amazing.
  • Super happy to have bought this.
  • Touch is flawless and the best thing about the watch is the rotating bezel.
  • The display is super amoled and it’s vibrant.

Top Negative Reviews

  • # has accurate built-in gps and other sensors, memory to store apps & music, continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracker, stress tracker, etc # no sideloading of apps and no google maps.
  • Worst product as sseal was broken!
  • Few problems i have noticed is that the smartwatch is unable to sync properly after going to low power state triggered below 15% even after the watch is charged to full subsequently.
  • It has a rotary bezel through which you can avoid touching the display continuously and also it prevents accidental damage of the display too.
  • Not sure if i can use straps of the older samsung watches 6) bixby ai app is not great.
  • The product is not an indian unit so it is not able to claim warranty and they are not showing any useful response to the issue that we are facing it’s display is having major problems
  • Bother these problems were rectified after restarting the watch by pressing and holding the watch button.
  • Very very bad performance, too less battery life – maximum 9 hours and 12 hours on flight mode.
  • But please dont this watch if u cant take care of it.. once you leave it somewhere for one second..people will steal it.. it’s not coming cheap.. buy with caution
  • No doubt, this will last the test of time.
  • The only thing that i hate about the watch is bixby.
  • I also observed a problem that the touchscreen stopped responding.
  • # it has wireless charging so there aren’t any pins, but hr sensor is protruding slightly off, which might feel uncomfortable to skinny users.
  • Seal broken – dont buy from this seller!

Product Description

Galaxy Watch links you to the world around you. Match Galaxy Watch to your lifestyle, you can see through a variety of watch deals with and with depth and lighting impact.

Key Features

  • Circular design and Vintage textured body with scratch resistant Gorilla glass DX+
  • Swim ready – water resistant up to 50 m (5 ATM)
  • Samsung Health app
  • Check physical location and map routes with built-in GPS
  • Track exercise time, calories burned, heart rate, distance and pace
  • Battery lasts over 80 hours on Bluetooth mode and 24 hours with GPS on
  • View schedule at a glance in my day watch face, get reminded of appointments and important occasions

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