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SLOVIC Resistance Band/Pull Up Band/Resistance Bands 42 Inch with Door Anchor for Calisthenics with Physical Booklet with 30 Exercises. Complete Review

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817 Reviews
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SLOVIC Resistance Band/Pull Up Band/Resistance Bands 42 Inch with Door Anchor for Calisthenics with Physical Booklet with 30 Exercises. Complete Review

For beginners
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • This resistance band is best for adding some more pulls to even our dumbbells this is a classy product with awesome strech and thickness.
  • It’s simply great for warm ups and even quite a bit of strength training if you fold it to build resistance.
  • Best for stretching, warm up and also good for working people who can’t manage time for gym.
  • Works well, feels well built and best of all it has an exercise guide included.
  • A perfect band for perfect body
  • This band really helps with increasing stability as well as strength in different muscles for doing various pull ups.
  • The book provided with it has great informative exercises and is very helpful and is a very unique accessory that i have seen.
  • Very good perfect band.
  • Strong, durable and perfect for beginners.
  • Though i would have loved it better if it was sold in pairs.
  • My cousin even tested the strength of this by doing band pull ups and this thing has really build his strength in doing pull ups.
  • Band is much less in width than it appears in advertisement… great product..i’m using it to increase pull ups
  • The quality of the band is really good and it also has a very good grip.
  • The elasticity and strength is as shown and the booklet is quite helpful and has multiple exercises to target different muscles.
  • Very good, very much satisfied

Top Negative Reviews

  • I bought it for home workout and put them through extensive abuse by stretching them completely.
  • The band itself is good, but the booklet that came with it describing workouts had the model doing some of the exercises with bad form.
  • Durability is very bad for this material.
  • I must say i literally used it too rough, but trust me this’z really a hell of a band u will find.
  • I’m able to perform martial arts exercises that i could do years ago (before getting back pain due to sedentary lifestyle and excessive sitting in chair)

Product Description

Key Features

  • ? MORE DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: This Black (30-75LBS) Resistance pull up band or latex band is a heavy duty one and with the use they get more flexible but stay strong and have a good lifespan as per the usage.(DOOR ANCHOR IS PACKED TIGHTLY INSIDE THE BOX)
  • ? SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL – This exercise band offers an appropriate resistance, both for pull up training, and for adding resistances to bench press, push up, squats and Olympic lifts.
  • ? BUILD STRENGTH & IMPROVE MOBILITY – With resistance band training, every part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation hence promoting muscle growth.
  • ? IMPROVE YOUR VERTEBRAL STABILITY -Sitting throughout the day causes your spine to shorten and leads to you getting pain.Most important thing to use this pull up band is to hang for sometime with the assistance of the band and you will feel the spine getting elongated and you will improve your spine stability which helps your spine to remain strong even at older age.
  • ? NO GYM NO PROBLEM!: This resistance pull up band or exercise resistance band can be used anywhere and you can take it and use it anywhere even when you are travelling. You don’t have an excuse to not exercise as you don’t require any equipment or a costly gym membership to get in shape! Just use this band along with the booklet and a door anchor and you will see improvement in your body.

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