STANLEY STMT72794-8-12 1/4” Square Drive Metric Socket Set -46pcs Complete Review

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STANLEY STMT72794-8-12 1/4” Square Drive Metric Socket Set -46pcs Complete Review

Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Excellent quality and great value for money.
  • A must have dyi tool kit.. cheaper here than retail stores.. you can use it to remove fairings, but it’s better to use a a torque wrench, it’s okay for quick fixes, but don’t fight with it, if you use it as intended, it should be fine.
  • All the sockets fit in perfectly and looks elegant.
  • Perfect sockets with apt extensions and a dedicated attachment for removing spark plugs from places which u cannot reach with any other tool.
  • There is just one spark plug tool of 16mm which is fine for my vehicles but again, it’s better to have more sizes to help someone else out.
  • Its a pleasure to see the quality of these tiny items, easy to carry while travelling, easy to pick the size as everything is numbered and slotted in places.
  • Would have loved to find a few larger sizes like a 34mm, 36mm etc as some car makers like bmw, volvo have larger oil filter sockets while vw is just on the boundary with a 32mm oil filter socket.
  • Still shines like new… from my experience, someone who like to work on motorcycles and cars, someone who like to get the hands dirty, i love this product…
  • The overall fit and finish of the product is pretty good and this should last a long time if not lifetime.
  • The flexible extension in brilliant for those inaccessible areas – i was able to reach the highly unergonomic bolts to adjust my bikes headlight beam very easily.
  • The entire range of sockets are probably too small as well – but does a great job within that range.
  • Pros: – sturdy 1/2″ square drive hexagonal socket set of 18 pieces of 6-pt sockets (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 30, 32mm); – sockets starting from 17mm – 32mm seems to be heavy duty as there is no step on outer side (mmc with no reduction of thickness on drive side) between drive side to socket side (in comparison with other manufacturers).. – wall/corner thickness is pretty good on 6-pt socket side (even with undercut/groove on corners).. cons: – 1/2 square drive ratchet handle is 60 tooth and seems to be pretty okay/solid (in comparison with most manufacturers who provide 72 tooth).. – you gonna get 16 mm spark plug socket instead of stated 21 mm (provided spec in description)..
  • As they start with 10mm directly but i believe it would be great if they add 8mm also as 8mm nut bolt widely used in 2 wheelers.
  • An affordable but great tool set.
  • Good product wilh excellent quality

Top Negative Reviews

  • I was worried that i would damage the pin on the set, but fortunately those are sturdy enough to stand that abuse
  • T handle is missing, also i have attached picture of my old socket(on right) and new socket from this box(on left), new sockect is very poor quality comparing with my old set, thickness is small, finishing is poor, (my 4year old used socket is shiner than new one).
  • So i think it serves all purposes but not good for bike/ car maintenance stuff as many of the reviews mentioned it’s good for the same.
  • Tool broken by slightest pressure.
  • Item missing / wrong item
  • Missing piece, poor quality, go for 35piece model
  • There is a wrong item there was supposed to 22 mm and 23 mm socket in the box but in my case i hav got two 23 mm socket and no 22 mm can see that clearely in the image.
  • Very poor quality on the first use it is broken.i.will also email to and send pic to main company of stanely.

Product Description

Created from Top quality steel, finished in high-polish nickel chrome, Compact Stanley P9 cog, A user friendly, thumb-operated reverse-switch mechanism, A quick-release button, Function Maxi-Drive style socket- provides 15 percent more torque than basic sockets to tighten fasteners quickly and streamline the turning of rounded corners, Maxi-Drive helps in reducing fastener wear by decreasing contact on the outer 5% of the fastener, Maxi-DriveTM helps in reducing slipping on frozen or rusted fasteners, All Stanley sockets, wrenches and cogs are made worldwide to Stanley specifications

Key Features

  • Double Nickel Chromium Alloy coated tip reduces corrosion
  • Thin head allows access to tight spaces
  • 5 degree racheting arc allows you to use micro-tough in the most confined applications
  • Locking mechanism retains sockets to make your work safer and more productive
  • Patented gripping designed to out perform conventional drive configuration
  • Reduces the chance of rounding fastener corners and extends fastener life enables to turn worn or rounded fasteners
  • All Stanley 46pcs 1/4 inch Square Drive Metric Socket Set,are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field

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