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Strauss Tummy Twister Complete Review

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1054 Reviews
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Strauss Tummy Twister Complete Review

Easy to use
Light weight
Value for money

Customer Reviews

Below reviews are top positive/negative opinion written by customers who bought the products from marketplaces.

Top Positive Reviews

  • Using it since many months now…very easy to carry , good buid and very very useful and also value for money!!!!
  • Product is good.. but the top plastic material seems like ordinary.. it would be great if it had hard plastic material finish .. it will more durable… let’s see how many day it will work..
  • Though the product is really nice but it’s build quality is not up to the mark as it is made of plastic but for 500 bucks its a pretty good catch.
  • Good for the price but feels like not sturdy enough.. will noe the life after using for long but good
  • It can easily benefit if mixed with other exercises for core strengthening and tummy reduction.
  • I like the product …product is looking very good in this price…. it does not look like cheap twister board…
  • It’s fun because it’s not like any belt which seems overly dramatic acc to me and it’s fun and u will remember your childhood days when u used to play with chair with wheels
  • Fun and easy to use 24*7
  • Its like a twister for school kids to play..dnt believe the fake positive reviews..i own a too but i keep it for my 3 yrs old son to play..quality is build for a toy..even the hotwheels cars have better quality than this product.
  • Looks like a good product
  • Good effect when we regularly doing twister exercise i like it.
  • Though fine for most of the people but it would be better if the size is mere 2 inch large.
  • Excellent device for tummy tyres
  • That is advantage and comfort.
  • The product is easy to carry in any room you want to exercise.. you can easily do it on your own… no need of any tutorials..

Top Negative Reviews

  • Areavied damaged but i have fixed but the quality is really poor and not look like branded one
  • Worst product damaged in 1 week not rotating at all with these kind of products we are losing trust on buying online
  • Worst product damaged in 1 week not rotating at all with these kind of products we are losing trust on buying online
  • Plastic used inside is very bad and also upon falling bearing get removed.
  • Its very lightweight but same time seems poor in handling heavy workouts.
  • Material used is quite weak and not worth the price.
  • The screws and the ball bearing inside are not sturdy and strong they also cannot hold weight for longer.
  • Plastic body making noise gives feel of cheap product.if you caompare this with gym products its nowhere in 10 percent of the quality.i am really not happy with the quality.

Product Description

Key Features

  • The magnetic acupressure tummy twister to help you lose weight and stay fit
  • Just a simple twisting action can have a strong effect on the abs
  • Women can get their desired curve or flat abs with the tummy twister
  • Tummy twister can be used by anyone willing to lose that few extra pounds from the abs
  • Two layered constructions for durability Non slip foot pad Base massages feet.

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